Saturday, July 26, 2008

Honor killing right here in the USA!!!

Tune into FOX NEWS for the program! Saturday July 26 and Sunday July 27th!

It’s about damn time lame stream media the two sisters were killed during New Years!!! IN TEXAS!!!

WAY TO GO FOX NEWS IT ONLY TOOK 7 MONTHS!!! Took you long enough!

I am posting it here so incase more people see it the better!!! Look about people!


The Griper said...

belated action is better than no action at all.

Tom said...

Who ever said that the media was on the ball? Probably wanted to avoid any fatwas...or cease & desist orders from CAIR's attorneys...

dcat said...

Yeah right Griper,

We have been dealing with this since after 9-11!

Not only the part where we got attacked but got to see first hand about the so called religion of so called peace! Submission, pedophiles, no freedom and murder of innocence!

I guess they finally found their balls! As far as for CAIR ‘They should hide in SHAME!

I would go to counter sue for CAIR ‘supporting the honor killings making anyone that is with it or for it and in that religion ACCESSORY TO THE CRIME OF MURDER!!! WHERE IN THE HELL DO THESE JACKASSES THINK THEY ARE LIVING TO GET AWAY WITH THAT SHIT ANYHOW!?!

It is not culture when people are being put to death in a religion “so called culture”! The women don’t deserve being killed and I am surprised for the liptards not coming forward to defend in the name of humanity! They are equally SHAMED by folks like us!

Then we got the morons voting for obaaabaaa! Shesh!

The dumb ass can’t even put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance! If you looked that up on snoops it is a true happening he did not put his hand over his heart! HOW UNPATRIOTIC!

I am very, very angry and ashamed I live here because of some that just turned their back to look the other way and failed protection of the two girls in Texas! HOW DARE WE LET THIS HAPPEN!!!

Mjolnir said...


I am with you. These pigs that murder our their daughters and wives in the name of Allah msut be purged from our shores. This is not what America stands for.

It is a shame that nothing was done sooner... welcome to the new PC, dhimmi world we live in.

Things must change. and we are the only ones who can make that happen.

dcat said...

Our laws need to stay the same we need to take action with those laws!

What change are you talking about!? Because yeah I'm a bit on edge here! I'm not about to join the jackass ilamic morons if that is the change or accept some asinine cult to even EXIST OR INTIMIDATE ME OR OTHERS!!! IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Mjolnir said...

We need to change the way America views Islam. We need to do our best to educate the ignorant to the true evils of the world. Good men and women stand at the gates and push back the hordes while the rest of the country goes shopping. It's a damn shame.

Too bad Teddy Roosevelt weren't here..we could use another pres like him.

dcat said...

Don't give me that shit!

Not while there is submission of women and honor killing HONEY!

Islam needs to prove more and extinguish the mullas that hide thugs that kill little girls and islam needs to start acting like Americans here in NOT FUCKING POINTING FINGERS AT AMERICANS OR MAKING CRAZY ASS CHANGES!

Look at my post with Gabriela! She is the one that had enough sense to walk away from that sick CULT!

We? Who in the FUCK IS WE!? HUH!?

America was doing great what about the islam nut bags moving here full of hate for us just to get the foot in the door!?

I am paying attention you know! Stop fucking around calling Americans ignorant! The ignorant are the ones that don’t see what most of us do! What is ignorant ‘are the ones that think, their fucking religion is the best! I don’t want any part of the bullshit do you hear me and most of the Americans have been lenient thus far! We are trying to bring democracy to the screwed up back ass Middle East! Islam is what needs CHANGE!

Don’t come here and call anyone ignorant that believes in the American dream hoping to help people along the way! FREEDOM! SWALLOW THAT ISLAM! You’re not going to dominate and that change is not going to happen! If islam try’s yes it will be meet with lots of resistance leave those that don’t want it alone! Otherwise your change is racist and nothing more then a power struggle for dominance!

An American doesn’t need a change! It is islam living in the Western world that needs the change!!! GOT THAT! GOOD!

If Teddy Roosevelt were here he would agree with me!