Sunday, July 06, 2008

Britain’s UK’s top judge should be incapacitated!

An idiot!
I need to hear from the so called friends in the UK! You know this is not going to fly here! Why is it even in the UK!?!
America take note! Islam take note: "We will fight you and you will lose!"
Not only fighting for our freedom but now we have to help the UK!



Mike's America said...

If Sharia law rules in Britan won't that judge have to stop dressing like a woman?

dcat said...


True! Heh!

Indigo Red said...

Not necessarily, Mike. The men of Saudi Arabia dress like women.

dcat said...

Well you know I can take offence to that because I dress much better!!!

I have cleavage :D

The Griper said...

he looks at dcat,,ohhhh she does indeed have cleavage, you, temptress, you. don't you know Allah doesn't allow you to tempt us poor men? we just have no self-discipline when it comes to women.

dcat said...

I have a puppy video and I know us women can lead you all by your nose! LOL

That is the problem with males in islam! They reject command so they are considered rabid by women like myself and need to be put down!

Bad dog! No treats for you! ;)

Tom said...

Oh hell - burkas for the lot of you!!!

Just kidding!!!

dcat said...

You better take that back TOM!

God I haven't been to your place in a long time I guess I best get over there!

Mike said...

I think you mean "decapitated," not "incapacitated."

dcat said...

Ok Mike,
We can have it your way!

Should it be with a dull sword just like the islamic jihads use?

The Griper said...

nahhhhhhh, it isn't incapcitated or decapitated, the word she needs is castrated.

dcat said...

THATS IT! Thanks griper!

I actually had that idea in the back of my mind Griper! You must be clairvoyant?

Nahhhh you just know me too well!

I am that nasty and a whole lot more when it comes to my and other folks freedom! Or OUR COUNTRY!

You can tell that pickle brain woman at your site that no I don’t give to folks that have flat screen TV’s that didn’t have to work for it live better then a working fool and popped out children like there’s no tomorrow with no consideration for the child! That is selfish!

Hell I don’t even own a flat screen!!! But I will have an $800.00 dog that will go with me everywhere I do and WILL NOT WEAR BOOTIES!!! I hope you all got that! I really don’t like to repeat myself either!