Monday, July 11, 2005

Terror Attacks and Victims

A child's garment found in a shallow grave. CPA photo.
One of many found in an Iraqi mass grave site.

Victims of terror attacks should be recognized no matter where they take place! Does it make it any less important that it was a different country or race? Usually the ones that get attacked never seen it coming or they never did anything wrong in their entire life to deserve it!

The worse thing is the people that disregard the act of violence to the victim and the family! It seems the court system and the far left are way too concerned about the criminal’s well being instead! There is something seriously wrong with this! They are way too busy being concerned about the criminal’s conditions and how they are treated. My question is why?! Once found guilty take away appeals! Especially for murder! To me criminals are terrorists! There is no difference!

I also would like to see each group of people that were murdered no matter where it is to be recognized! In this instant I am referring to the mass graves and murders of the innocent Iraqi people! They are with the almighty now. Terrorist please know this: “You are damned by your actions!” ‘You will be dealt with I assure you if not here by the here after!

Let us all reflect on the deaths that have taken place in the name of freedom and hope that more will understand what this means, ‘so that evil will be defeated and a better life is to follow for all!

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