Sunday, October 21, 2012

Terror is Alive and We Need to TAKE IT OUT!

We need a strong administration! Now and obama n thugs are just not the people for the job!

Yes Obama did use the tragedy for a political ploy because it was the first question to Bite me Biden in the debate with Ryan!

Time to wake up people to facts and we need to prepare as a nation! We don’t need to be focusing on stupid abortion issues and women issues! This is a REAL woman’s issue in that we will be under attack and those of us that were not aborted just might be in a terror attack! This is the real issue!

Kissing terrorist asses just isn’t going to cut it!  Know the thugs didn’t even see the video!  It was done because we are the USA!  That was the reason our Western ways are driving them all nuts and that is a good thing!  Because we do have freedom and we do have women rights and we are going forward and the ones not pulling the wagon will have to move because we just can’t afford to pay for them anymore especially when they side with socialism and constantly bad mouth this great nation! 


Always On Watch said...

As I've been saying for quite a while now, it's Benghazi-gate. This should put an end to any hope that Obama has for a second term.

May Mitt hold Obama's feet to the fire tomorrow night!

dcat said...

He can hope and change his ass right out of this country!