Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama Give It Up Already!

I don’t watch lame stream TV.  Especially the mindless left loon shows.  Your lies still managed to have reached me!  On line!  Remember the true American is on to you and yes I am a woman!  Rights of women will only improve because we will have our rights even the unborn women will benefit! 

Big Government is over and all the bureaucrats hopefuly will be done!  You have a business you best bail yourself out because it is poor management by only the managers!  Hurt the tax payer to pay more and less will be bought!  STUPID!

Who in the hell watches jay leno and all the rest loons anyway?  Huh their brain must be mush!  Oh thats right the mush heads voted for you!  It is bad enough I go on line to the lefturd King 5 news!   Then agian I do my own research, I feel most smart people do.  Too bad you are wasting your mudslinging smear tact 0!  I guess that is all you have left... Can't wait for the tantrum spewing of your lame moronic subjects!  

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