Tuesday, January 31, 2012

obams said what to the Catholic Church school hospitals!?

I think than the muslims need to eat pork whether they want to or not and other things they aren't suppose to do! 

Stuff it obama!  You will soon be history right there with stalian and hitler! 

As for the leftests I can't see how they are for abortion and against the death penalty!

Like my brother said: 

Ya the left says its ok to use death squads to kill normal healthy (and most likely) Christian people but heaven forbid you use the death penalty to get rid of some mass murderer child rapist psychopath on death row. WTF is wrong with these AHs?

The verdict is out and I doubt a twisted lefty mind can be untwisted like the 


Always On Watch said...

Obama promotes "freedoms" for Muslims -- but not for Catholics.

'Nuff said.

Lisa said...

All leftists do AOW
I feel like I've been in a bad dream the last 3 years.

dcat said...

It's been a nightmare if you ask me! I can't believe the Marxist socialist islamist lover was elected! A horror flick that happened in real life!!!