Friday, January 27, 2012

My response to all the whining lib bloggers

My response to all the whining lib bloggers that were condemning 'the rich' for being successful in an MSN article about the nice houses of the tech website inventors.  I put a more "positive link" in THe hell with MSN!

Hey you pathetic whiners. Get off your ass and do something constructive instead of whining about what someone else has achieved. The woe-is-me crap doesn't cut it and standing around with your hands out and crying about what someone else has does NOTHING to contribute to society. Times are a little tougher now due to the absurd socialist agenda that produces nothing but more whiners.

The prosperity in our country is derived from the hard work and ingenuity of individuals who are willing to work, take risk and invest in themselves and America. If you think crying about the success of others will improve your position in life or help anyone else’s station in life you're seriously wrong.

 Jealousy and condemnation of others legitimate success serves no purpose other than to make you look like the childish pathetic idiots that you are. Get a life. Better yet make a life for yourselves and quit expecting someone else to do it for you. There is no free lunch and no free rides so quit whining about it and do something constructive.

Yeah don't forget about the investers too!   The ones that believe in a company enough to play the stock market.  Socialist have a problem with those of us that did and made a buck!   


Anonymous said...

they complain about those who are successful but say nothing about those who ventured and lost.

dcat said...

The ones that ventured? LOL how laughable!

The ones complaining never ventured! If they did it was in a art class or a failed psych class that really doesn't pan out. The work hard and put money away people are the ones not complaining! Only voteing down taxes to pay for the stupid ventures of the gov on the rejects!