Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gee by the leftest delusion I'm labeled a terrorist too, then...

The Loony left and media are so sick it isn't even funny!  They were never that funny to me!  More pitiful and disgusting is more the norm!

I was mentioned at XOXO Pamela's site at the bottom of her post!

With Claws and what ever it takes!

Oh and a thank you email from Robert!  I love those two!  Good people will always stand with them!


Always On Watch said...

I left a long comment over at that thread at Pamela's site.

Last Thursday, I listened to and participated in this show at Blog Talk Radio. Robert Spencer was the guest. Listen to that show! Mr. Spencer is not discouraged at all.

dcat said...

Thanks AOW I have heard you in the past on radio. Everytime I try to go and listen it isn't there! Thank you for the link!

RG said...

Al Qaeda Bomb Making Manuel used by Ft Hood Massacre #2 plotter.

dcat said...

I have aTREMENDOUS problem with those who would give Islam credibility. Believing that Islam can be reformed is giving Islam credibility. Allowing a toe hold for Islam to force its way into Main Stream America.

I enjoyed that post you had too!