Saturday, February 12, 2011

mosque Makeovers on Your Tax Dollar!

It's time to review funding for all federal programs that don't directly benefit the tax payer!

Here is a link and hope it won't go poof: "Click Here" to go to the WSBTV site and view.

Oh you can take your respect for these sons of jackals and shove it up your butt!

I am proud to say I don’t respect islam and I don’t respect anyone that has no respect for our country and our way of life!!!

It will help to see what Glenn Beck had on his show on the CIA Director


The Griper said...

weren't this the same agency that told Bush and his predessessors that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

dcat said...

The media does not understand that we were their not to make it better for the people but for the world!

We were there to take the thugs out and we need to keep on keeping on! There are the brotherhood thugs to consider!

So yeah Griper the media is kissin their asses too!

Mike H. said...

I was amazed when I heard that. No one had done any analysis yet and I was going berserk! That guy is a total idiot. So is his boss!