Sunday, February 27, 2011

islam don’t understand bad manners

:+: That is Miller time! :D :D :D


RG said...

Islam is not a religion. It's a barbaric, murderous cult.

dcat said...

Yep we agree RG!

Too bad others out there are still bowing to dr. rudy jazzar!

It’s a horrible cult! If the Catholic religion watched what I did and ate food I wasn’t supposing to (in which the Catholics don’t do that crazy ass shit). If they did I would flip them off and quit! No one is going to pressure me!

You try and tell me what to do or think and believe you me it will be the last time you do!

Always On Watch said...

Now that I'm sort of dug out from under the deluge of setting up a new computer, I will make time to watch this video.

dcat said...

Make sure to have some popcorn with it AOW ;]

Glad to see you back up and running!