Monday, February 07, 2011

islam wants respect?!

But yet they won’t respect your freedom or way of life. Hmmmm?!

Are liberals that stupid to go along with these people? Check out the blog with all the video’s

They don’t want you to burn their koran but yet they want to burn our US flag and our Constitution of Democracy and Freedom?

You are as twisted as these people if you plan to side with them and 'I need people that stand with these back water slugs to just stay the hell away from me! If you don't I will have to tell you something and I know you will not like it!

We have a war on our hands! Put the peace love dove crap down because it is obvious they will only kill you last if you don’t side "all the way" with them! Stand and fight for once in your life for what your forefathers died for!

The Best Country in the World is the USA! We don’t need cowards otherwise you should pack and move to the Middle East if you are just so unhappy here!!! We are the home of the free and the brave and not the pathetic morons such as these murderous treasonous of our country losers! Get em out of here!

This one is for my sanity as well make sure to see the entire video. :D

They really do sound like this to me too!


Always On Watch said...

One cannot have a reasoned discussion with a Moslem -- or with a leftist.

Mike's America said...

Oprah said we have to respect Obama too. Is that because he was born a Muslim?

dcat said...

I bet if he was Polish she wouldn't give him the time of day!

dcat said...

Or a Catholic for that matter!