Monday, November 01, 2010

Washington State liquor “big gov”

So the liberals voted for the state to take control of liquor. The same hippie psychos of the 60's so their grand kids would be safer. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is rich! being as they (liberals and others voting for this) are the same crowd that dummied down that generation! Most have mental problems. I don't feel I have to be inconvenienced for buying because of alcoholics and druggies! Let em all drink themselves to death it's their choice! I thought liberals were for choice?

Don't forget their big fear of big brother. Unbelievable idiots that they are!

Listen up the liquor stores need to be free of government bureaucracy! Those of you that think your kids are safer are NUTS!

Why with cell phones and meeting at different locations to buy from 21 year olds is happening. Oh and I guess that wonderful person growing “medical marijuana” in your neighborhood is just fine with you! WHAT A BUNCH OF F-UPS YOU ALL ARE!

Oh and did you also know this is going on: ""
New York’s Republican Candidate for Senate is a Lobbyist for Terror"

Thank you Pamela for bringing this up. I just wonder if they are smart enough to see what is happening. I’m betting they all still have their heads up their anus.


RG said...

Government types don't car about the "children". Only about $$$$ and building their empire. The only way they can do that is to take control of everything and siphon off dollars for themselves and their fellow beaurocrats.

Time to go underground with a lot of things and above ground with a fight with these people. The nastier the better. They don't have the stomach for such a fight.

tha malcontent said...

As You Vote Today, Remember THIS.
The Speaker of the House called us Republican/Conservatives “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS” And our Dear Leader Barack Obama called us “The Enemy” And Dick Durbin said our tactics at Guantanamo Bay, were like the regimes of Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union, and the Khmer Rouge.
Let's not forget any of that!

dcat said...


Excuse me but I was talking to the idiots that bought the stupid add ploy by the money grabbing left loons wanting to pay more! I know it’s all about $$$

It's up to YOU to make the right choice! Not the government for you!