Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSA has a special touch for you on your next flight

Thanks to Mike's America for this:


Indigo Red said...

You know, if it wasn't for the TSA some of us wouldn't get any lovin' at all.

Mike's America said...

This is a funny video but what T.S.A. (Total Sucking Asses) is doing to people is no joke!

What a shame we can't use these people and their resources to go after terrorists and not three year old kids and nuns.

There hasn't been one 3 year old found carrying explosives onto planes. Meanwhile, the Muzzies are shipping bombs in laser printers and laughing at us.

dcat said...

Mike I agree!

Oh and here is a bit more info you may or may not want to hear:

Dr. Brenner, who was consulted to write guidelines for the security scanners in 2002, claims he would not have signed the report had he known the devices would be so widely used. He said a type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma, which occurs mainly on the head and neck and is usually curable, is the most likely risk from the airport scanners.

dcat said...

Top TSA Slogans

Can't see London, can't see France, unless we see your underpants.

Grope discounts available.

If we did our job any better we'd have to buy you dinner first.

Only we know if Lady Gaga is really a lady.

Don't worry, my hands are still warm from the last guy.

Throw a few back at the airport Chili's and you won't even notice.

Wanna fly? Drop your fly.

We've handled more balls than Barney Frank

We are now free to move about your pants

We rub you the wrong way, so you can be on your way.

It's not a grope. It's a freedom pat.

When in doubt, we make you whip it out.

TSA: Touchin', Squeezin', Arrestin'

You WERE a virgin.

dcat said...

LOL Indigo :]

I know you are feeling the same way Mike and I are deep down. ;)