Saturday, November 27, 2010

Congrats to you Pamela!

We are the Soldiers now! I have a blog too! Pass the word people!

The AnnieTaylor Award goes to Pamela Geller!


The Griper said...

she deserves the award.

dcat said...

Yes she sure does!

I'm proud to say I have followed her from day one thanks to Indigo Red!

He said I reminded him of her LOL.

My Files said...

Amen, I agree

dcat said...

My Files,
Thank you for visiting.

I know you will understand this from another blogger at another group site I go to.

RG SAID: WARNING: The Stockholm Syndrome seen in liberal New York City with all officials supporting the Islamic Victory Mosque will now creep into the liberal mind set of Oregan.

The more attacks or attempted attacks by the Mohammedans with America will continue to push the left into an alliance with Islamists out of fear.