Sunday, April 11, 2010

Retired Captain States his Editorial about that Diplomatic DRY RUN!

My editorial comment added to the story page of the Denver CH7 news story about:

United Airlines Bans Qatari Diplomat From Flight
Diplomat Violated FAA, Airline Policy By Smoking In Lavatory

Now they are saying he was just smoking and making a joke. My ass!

This ‘dip’lomat should be in jail for life or preferably executed for attempting mass murder and air piracy (along with Richard Ried who's now been released). Does this explain what type of pathetic U.S. government we are dealing with? Finally, someone with some bawls at UA. When I was working at UA as an Airbus Capt (b4 I retired) we had a group of these ragos in their white gowns on the airplane that refused to leave the blueroom or return to their seats for landing. They called the flight attendants all sorts of names and threatening to sue UA for discrimination. When we landed at DIA we were met by security and they were escorted off the plane. They still continued to threaten UA during the post flight interview. I told the company I had all the conversations on the CVR that they could use as a defense if needed and give to the FBI for prosecution purposes. But of course, nothing was done and the raggys were placed on the next UA flight to their destination.

Are we a nation of sheeple? It’s (way past) time to remedy this situation once and for all. The more you let these scumbags get away with the more they will pull. Is this not apparent by this time? Wake up people! Is this the land of the free and the home of the brave or is it the land of the cowering wimps and politically correct? For all you left wing French poodle lovers that will rebut this commentary with your pathetic politically correct diatribe, please move to Iran where you belong and live under sharia law. This is what you’re advocating so go live your dream.

Well said Captain! ED
I think the TSA should have beat him to a pulp is what I think! Then say he resisted as he dies with a last breath!!!

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