Sunday, April 25, 2010

Immigrants that fought for the US!

I respect the American Japanese much more than the rejects coming to our country NOW!

I’m talking about the Japanese! Soon as they got out of internment camp they went and joined OUR USA troops in Europe! See the difference folks!!! If you don’t see the difference there is something seriously wrong with all of you!

"But more than that they are also going to see American patriotism, I mean there were men who came out of the camps who volunteered for the US Army and fought and gave their lives in Europe and they are going to show all that and how they had to come back to places like Seattle and face racism, and again eventually integrate into society," said Ikeda."

He says interest in Japanese-Americans has grown in Japan, especially with so many successful descendents, from Apolo Ohno to former Microsoft executive and philanthropist Scott Oki.

"The Japanese are becoming aware that Japanese-Americans have done well in places like Seattle and they're frankly very curious how that's happening," said Ikeda

If there are more like these fine people then by all means come on in and embrace American Freedom! If you don't like the US GET THE HELL OUT WE DON'T WANT YOUR KIND HERE!!!


Not the drug pushing Mexicans, or islamic thugs that want to only change our way of life for the WORST!!!


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Mike H. said...

Really! But all Asians are in the same boat. They came here to be successes and they are.

My next door neighbor is from Taiwan and considers me the ge ge (pronounced gur gur) or their big brother. I love it, they are a neat couple. I just can't sing their language as well as they can. ;(