Saturday, April 24, 2010

Islamic and other drug loons WE DON'T NEED EM!

Yeah Profile! I'M FOR IT!

You go Jan! YEAH!

We used to have good immigrants that came to this country and worked hard and honored our constitution!

Well I don’t see that happening now days! We have these asshole drug things and Islamic thugs that want to take us down! I agree with Jan! TEXAS TAKE NOTES YOU SHOULD BE NEXT!!!

The thug lawyers that take this case for the immigrants need to be thrown out of our country to live with THEM!!!


Mike H. said...

dcat, your video link isn't working. All I'm getting is a picture of a Sheriff next to a SUV.

dcat said...

It is working fine for me Mike H.

You must have one of them liberal connections. ;)

Mike H. said...

Hey just watch, ...wait...this is a Microsoft system.... Never mind.