Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who is Linda DouglASS?

She is a bitch with disinformation that is who!

Health care mob is at it again!

The pains in the asses! WHAT THE ONES WITH FREE SPEECH?!

The president is talking AT the people not to the people!

Atlas the public needs more of this shoved in their faces to wake them up!

It seems folks like Linda DouglASS,…heh Dougl-ASS on the Ali-obamacare is the scary one here hypnotizing the uninformed to their side of delusional thinking of health care!

I like posting stuff Atlas has because when folks are out there surfing then one more just one more will see the truth come out and more will pile on to her site! You go Atlas Shrugs you are definitely on the right track where as our local media isn’t! They are going off of that cliff! Ratings are falling just as fast as ali-obamas is!

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