Monday, August 03, 2009

Calling all islamic psychos

I defiled another one of your asswipe korans TODAY! Just for all you morons out there killing innocent people and thinking you can take over! FAT CHANCE YOU CREEPS!

So there! Thanks for this news headline:
Christian Family Burned to Death in Pakistan After Koran is 'Defiled'

The sick pricks are at it again! Fine listen up everybody! Go get a free koran and defile it! If it pisses off the sick twisted morons then DO IT!!! The first one to pop up will be like playing whack a mole!

May my karma for the good prevail against those evil people!

Act for America Has been an eye opener for me. I hope that more come around to this fact of sick brainwashed people in this cult! They are so stupid but yet so smart! Sad thing is they try to make everyone else stupid. If that don’t work then inflicting fear is next!

I know I would rather die then live under such control and I am betting and hoping that everyone will feel the same way. We are soldiers of God and not cowards of islamic extremist of Satan!

Another Muslim PR Nightmare + Alienation grew with islamic faith

BTW why would anyone want to go hiking in iran?! We have much better climbing here or in the Alps! iran would be just one of the last places to go do anything on my list!


RightisRight said...

This blog is so stupid.

dcat said...

LOL sounds like an Ali bama statement to me!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who that was that commented with MY NAME, but it was not me.
Believe me.
In fact I think this blog is GREAT

BTW, there is a poster named "LYNNE" (see my blog).
Who I banned from my blog that could have easily resorted to doing that.
But trust me please it was not me.

dcat said...

Nice picture Right,
I figured as much because I did go to your blog and knew then but had to let you know some how. There is also a chris and it seems not to have a life either. I see G mama was to be the next victim. I don't have time for childs play. Normal people that come here or to your place know better .

I like your blog too! Keep on fighting!