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You are so damn pathetic it isn’t even funny! This is what is being said about you in emails everyday! I look forward to a new one daily! Never got this much on GWB as I do with you!

Red flags are going up all over the country about your actions!

I was told by some one else that I sent it to it should be Hydrogen and to watch my back. Huh!
But Kurt she is a school teacher!!! LOL
Oh and here a comment from a friend in Canada made to another friend in Texas:
RG - I think you are right about it being war. I can't believe America has voted in such a low-class piece of trash willingly who won't prove his eligibility. The wool certainly has been pulled over many of the eyes of Americans.....that and the knife that must be at the necks of all those too afraid to say anything about Obama's ineligibility. I wouldn't doubt if Obama tries to make voters in America have open ballots too - why stop with just the unions? I can't believe America is heading down the road of socialism so fast with such a bunch of dirt-bags leading the way. Damn!The American people need to remind their government that they work for them.I guess there is a big demonstration 9/12 in DC, right after Obama makes some big announcement on 9/11 about his new civilian thug force. Atlas Shrugs has more on that.Obama wants all his non-supporters to shut up and get out of his way. WTH!!!!! Oh man.......
Atlas Shrugs is working over time to bring this news to you please support her! Who loves ya baby! Thumbs up Pamela!
Yeah this is war to get our country back!
Update: Another letter from Canada from another friend of a Canadian:
Hi - To all my American friends. Many of us up here in Canada have been watching the debate you are having about Medicare. On many occasions the Medical system we have in Canada is used by folks on both sides of the debate. I thought you might want to know some of the experience Bev & I have had with Government run Medicare.
Bev had eye surgery two years ago which she was authorized to have - after 6 years of waiting. She broke her wrist last winter and had an emergency cast put on. It has never healed properly. Following more hospital visits and x-rays she has been told she is to old to have any repairs ( she is 71 on August 21, 2009)
Seven years ago I had brain surgery. I waited 22 months for the Dr to get OR time. The morning after the operation at 8:00 a.m. I was told to leave the hospital because the nurses went on strike. Bev & my son had to help me walk down to our vehicle. I stayed at my son's home while I waited for the swelling in my brain to go down. I have had 2 surgeries since then, the first for my prostrate - I waited 30 months. The second, a hernia for which I waited 24 moths. At the moment I have been waiting 28 months for a new hip.
Our experience shows us that self interest groups such as the Nurses Union and other hospital workers Unions gain huge powe under a Government run system. Canada also has many different policies for each Province. In British Columbia, medication funds are relased after each family reaches a government decided income. If a family earns approximately $50,000 a year, no real help is provided. Regretably, a lot of medicine must be authorized by a Public Servant before funds are available. If a drug is new or an expensive, one can expect to be turned down.
We have free needle and methadone sites, but diabetics don't get the help they need.
If one is urgently sick, then our system appears to work, depending on geographic location. We, of course, are not authorized to have the benefit of the latest drugs or technology. The Government uses a system defining urgency based on "their" priorities.
So if you need cataract surgery because you can't see...get in line and wait. If you need a new hip or knee and can'walk...get in line and wait.
To sum up, Canada needs to repair it's medical system. Folks have died up here because the bureaucracy in our system has failed to meet the sick person's need. I hope this factual information will help you in your deliberations. I wish all of you the very best medical coverage.
Here is another email just this morning:
Subject: David Jr. Meets His Commander in ChiefThose who do not know Dave Borden, he is a former Black & Decker employeewho lives in Hanover. His son Dave Jr was serving in Iraq and was badlyinjure d from a bomb explosion. Dave Jr has had over 38 surgeries to date.

The email below is from a recent visit from President Obama; the emailspeaks for its self.Since Dave Jr. has been injured he has met and been overwhelmed by many,many political and military "celebs". The list includes Bob Gates, Sec. ofDefense, who came into his room and told him 3 or 4 times that if Dave Jr.had any issues to call his cell phone number. It includes Gen. Petereus whosat and talked with Dave Jr. for almost 45 minutes. The General recalledvividly all of the circumstances around the events that led to fighting thatDave was involved in. It includes Sen. McCain who arrived late on aSaturday afternoon during a thunder storm, unannounced, and talked to DaveJr. about how similar their experiences with fate. It includes George Bushwhen Dave Jr. was invited to attend the very last Christmas party at theWhite House for the White House Staff. President Bush and his wife enteredthe ballroom and immediately went to Dave Jr.. ; President Bush knew DaveJr.'s name as well as when and how he was injured. Dave Jr. had a picturetaken with Laura and the President that he has framed and will cherishforever. The list goes on and on of people coming in to meet Dave Jr. andthe other wounded warriors at Walter Reed and Bethesda.

Yesterday. Dave Jr. was ordered to be at the National Naval Hospital withanother 12 soldiers and Marines to meet with Obama. Obama was supposed toarrive at 11:30 AM. He finally got there at 3:00 PM. He entered the roomwith the wounded warriors and quickly shook each of their hands. He neverasked their names, where they were from, or how they were injured. Then heleft.

Dave Jr. has met the people who really care about the military. All heremembers from Obama is a weak handshake. The others in the room, youngerand less exposed to the people that Dave Jr. has met, were so disappointed.Word about Obama's "insensitive" visit has spread to the MATC ( the rehabfacility) at Walter Reed and throughout Bethesda. =2 0The military seesthrough his phoniness.

All I can say is that it is such a dissappointment that this man isCommander-In-Chief of our Armed Forces. He is an embarrasment to ourNation.Regards,Dave
So Ali obama! You are pathetic Ali bama and you are the one that should shut the fuck up and listen to the people! Remember you work for us! NOT the THUGS that plan to pull this country down! YOU DUMB ASS! Tell Pelosi and the rest of the cronies they too fit into this category as well! Nothing but DUMB ASSES! All of you! SHAME ON YOU!


Mike's America said...

I have NEVER said this before about a Democrat President but Obama is NOT MY PRESIDENT!

He's the president of a bunch of left wing fascist assholes who aren't worth spit.

Obama has NO RIGHT to tell me anything. I do not recognize his authority!

dcat said...


Blogger seems to be one of them Mike!

No matter how I format my post they fuck it up! Typical of that wicked group!


Seiu in bed with ACORN

Mike's America said...

Obama is such an arrogant, self righteous, pompous, egotistical ASS!

dcat said...

He is a fucked up in the head pompous prick! Right up there with islam! Full of SHIT!