Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Second Amendment Of The Constitution Needs To Be Fought For!

I don’t care about the stupid law I will protect myself and others if need be! Unlike this woman I will have my protection with me, if some crazy thing decides to shoot up a place I am at!

"This is a promise to all you assholes “criminals” out there that think you can get me easily! You will not get me without a fight! Fine I will be in jail being coddled by lefty loons in the court system but your sorry ass will be in HELL!!! "

Click here for this disturbing news of no death penalty. Oh and this guy: Allen Eugene Gregory

Oh how I would enjoy 10 min. alone with this creep Cal Coburn Brown to show him what pain and suffering is! That woman he killed ROBBED her of HER LIFE endured TWO DAYS of HELL before he killed her!!! Some thing is wrong here folks and I have had enough of the bullshit in this country!

I want the names of the judges, lawyers and people responsible for giving this thing a reprieve!

I want them to lose their job!

I know what the loony media would do with the link so I copied and pasted the story and I will have the link let’s see if the liberal media pulls the story like it has in many of other links I had at my blog!
Just look at this sorry ass and tell me you feel sorry for it! I sure as heck don't!
I wonder if liberal ass media will pull this link's story! feel free to click here and see if it is still there! I posted it below for you just in case!

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Washington state Supreme Court has postponed what would have been the first execution in the state since 2001.The court ruled 5-4 on Thursday to grant a last-minute reprieve to 50-year-old Cal Coburn Brown for the May 1991 rape and murder of a 22-year-old Burien woman, Holly Washa.Brown was scheduled to die by lethal injection early Friday morning at the Washington State Penitentiary.Brown's case goes back to Thurston County Superior Court, where another Washington death row inmate was recently granted a May hearing on the validity of the lethal injection procedure. Brown's lawyers contended that it would be wrong to execute Brown even as Stenson won a delay by raising the same points.


The Griper said...

one word response, "yup"

Indigo Red said...

Same crap is going on New Mexico. Governor Bill Richardson(D) who for years supported capital punishment is now reconsidering the law. He's thinking of signing an aboltition of the death penalty right there on the US-Mexican border with Mexican drugs lords and Mexican troops killing American citizens on American soil.