Saturday, March 07, 2009

Laws and taxes

I got my tax money!

Woo-hoo! Can I charge the Government inertest for them having “MY MONEY” in their possession!? I would like to have that law put into place! Oh and as for my dead relative that left me a mint! He ‘God rest his gracious soul, got charged double! Yeah that year he paid his taxes and then they taxed him “his estate” again! After he died the State couldn’t wait to take his money! Money that should be in my account! Money he wanted me to have!


Socialism needs to be crushed! I want my Social Security that gets taken out of MY check collecting interest for me! Not some dumb ass out there popping out kids like there is no tomorrow and getting my funds! I am working that money should be MINE! I’ll donate to a charity I feel fit on my own!

If I don’t have my money and more gets taken from me you can kiss charity good-bye! I will be too busy taking care of my own needs! When the, money is drained from all the hard working Americans by the leaches. Maybe that is when we will start to see “CHANGE”!


We talk about laws. Ok I have a couple more:

I think people that should be in prison but aren’t and if you are harmed by them the state and liberals that let them go should be sued up the ass for it! I would also like to see members of the family of the cretins be held accountable by signing a document if they support that family member and want to stand by them. Let’s see how many would sign that form! Heh!

I also want to be pushing for idiots driving out there or selling cars to people with out licenses or insurance! I would like to see Insurance companies being held liable for the fact that they didn’t report someone dropping their coverage by providing the new company they are going with just to follow up.

Now why isn’t anyone doing anything about this!? Heads stuck up the ass or what!

Their heads must be way up there so high! They are too busy trying to screw the constitution on law abiding gun owning citizens that want to protect themselves. They want to give free passage to criminals to be able to rob the decent gun toting folks!

I’ll tell you what I see happening! It will be the decent folks that will become like the criminals to fight them! That is what I see happening in the near future. I see community’s sticking up for themselves and taking criminals down because the law isn’t!

And like in Chicago nobody will know, nothing but everybody will know everything! After all fair is fair!


Indigo Red said...

Glad you got at least some of the money left to you. Should have been everything.

I do like the idea that people who drop car insurance should provide the old insurer with the new insurer to be passed to the appropriate state agency. And if the insured no longer intends to drive, to sign an affidavit stating so. Hefty penalties should also be part of the plan.

Mike's America said...

They'll suspend your license in SC if you drop your insurance.

Tom said...

Sure some of these people aren't working for Obama?