Friday, March 20, 2009

Iranian Leaders Ignore Obama's Outstretched Hand

Well yeah obama came across as a wimp to the arabs. They hate weak!

Hell arabs like to hate just to be hating for the hell of it! They always seem to have something up their ass whether it is a snuggy or they didn’t get lemon in their tea.

Brigitte Gabriel is right about middle east diplomacy


Indigo Red said...

If The One keeps sticking his hand out in peace, he'll be a very lucky fool if it's not chopped off.

Tom said...

And we wondered why the Islamofacists wanted Obama elected - they would have nothing to fear from this indirect descendant of Chamberlain.

Joanne said...

How come the bad guys don't fear Obama, but the good guys do? If I felt I should warn the U.S. government about something, I would be afraid that they might perpetuate the crime themselves. It is unfortunate, but if someone warned the U.S. government about attacks on the subways in NYC, Obama would probably decide to withdraw all police patrols in those areas....that's how much things have gone mad in the thinking of the leftards.