Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama "A real first class ASS!



Tom said...

Yeah, Obama is an idiot, or at least his people are. But then again, they're desperate to prop up his campaign/

RG said...

Hi dcat. Thanks for dropping by my new blog. Keep up the great work here!

5 Stars

Anonymous said...

Amen to the Title of this blog.

dcat said...

Yup RG,
This is a real 5 star blog LOL ah no but I have fun when I have the time.

Now I just have to add you to my side bar sometime. See you at Mikes not Mike's America mind you. This is where I lifted this video. "grin"

Don't be a Tom C and other fair weather freinds I really like going to Mike's and seeing you all there.

RG said...

I'll be here more often. The reason I just started my blog is because the days are getting shorter and the evenings longer (winter is a coming), so I will be hitting the blog circuit till spring roundup.