Sunday, April 02, 2006

Extreme Islamist are the unclean here!

Here is a wonderful comment from Hameed. Once again he is giving light to this madness! We will win this! I know the forces of good and it will be that good people will sense the evil presence with just a look. We will have that knowledge.

Speaking of evil presence Shiva a friend of mine just gave me more links about back ass Islam. I will post these links at the end of Hameeds wonderful speech. Soon people will be converting to Christianity like mad! No body will want part of a religion of darkness. But you know not all of Christianity is normal either. Only the good know that right path to take. It is being taken by the way. Below is the comment made at IRAQ THE MODEL by Hameed.

Dear Mohammed and Omar,

Further to my comments above, I have contacted one person in London who is connected with UIA in Baghdad and told him about my above article about murdering innocent Sunnis, like those bearing the name OMAR, so that a Fatwa by Sistani or any other Religious leader, should come out as soon as possible to condem this practice without delay. And do whatever to stop this stupid Genocide. Saddam did this to the Kurds and Shias. Zarqawi and the Ba'athists are repeating it with people name (Haider) and the like? Now the Shias are doing it in reverse? Ethnic cealnsing is an ugly word, but it seems to fit here? This is exactly what the enemies of Iraq's freedom want. If we all allow this to happen with impunity we are as bad they are. We become ppart of the problem? It is no good fighting a losing battle. Because, sooner or later a violent reaction from the superior forces of the free world will come down on those lawless elements with a ton of bricks? Some areas will be carpet bombed to become flat in few hours? Look at Fallujah. Look at Telafar? Look at Najaf and Kuffah? The USA/UK policy of Clear, Hold and Build will come into force very soon. The SAS and Seals may have been sent there already. So watch it dickheads? You are no Match. Give it a rest or else you will be meeting your virgins sooner that you think? Leave the Sunni Innocent families to live in Peace in their country Iraq amongst you. They are equally entitled to a quite life like everybody else? What will happen next? Killing all the Jews? Killing all the Christians? Killing all the Yazidis? or Killing all the Mendaei's ( the Sabia'a?) and killing all the Hindus and other minority relgius groups? Have you all gone Mad?
Kind regardsHameed Abid 04.02.06 - 12:01 pm

The answer Hameed is yes they have and we have the remedy!

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