Saturday, April 22, 2006

Donald Trump for President!? BWAHAHA...

I hope he does run! It will off set the delusional Hillary if he ran! Between lame stream media, the Don and Hollywood talk about desperation with in the mix! They even made a comment on one of the soap opera’s with the media saying “Sometimes we just don’t get things right.” Some times!? I just happen to catch that one at work in the TV room. There was a reason for me to hear that one. God does work in mysterious ways. I was having a bad day and he thought I needed a laugh.

Funny how the Don remarked that Iraq is a mess, has he ever looked in the mirror at himself!? His woman only loves him for what he can give her and it isn't him! It's the money and media attention! Remember that guys! Money only gets you attention and nothing more!

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