Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Chrissie Decks

Checking out the Chrissie decks (Christmas decorations “Ausi language) after coming home from dinner at Redhook, my husband and I noticed, that the houses that decorated last year, to the hilt, didn’t decorate that much this year. I asked him could it be that they were not Bush supporters? Hmmmm? Remember this is Washington State, we were the blue state. Anyone else notice this in your neighborhood? Or if someone would have a different analysis, besides the house, being sold to a different family, then the previous year, let me know. This is a science project. Or this could be a thesis, for someone in Sociology. There could be a need for psychologist, for chronic depression for the next four years. It’s not to late to change your major, if your in engineering! $$$

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