Sunday, August 07, 2011

May our US Seal Teams rest in peace!

Let us never give in and never give up!  The war goes on!  We know who to blame! 


RG said...

What is so tragic Dcat is that Obama claimed to be going to Dover AFB to honor these men. No press was to be allowed so as to "respect" the survivors.

However, the Whitehouse immediately released a silhouette photo. Pissed off the press because they said they could have been the ones doing that.

Obama is a cold blooded user. He used that hallowed event as a political photo op to 1) reverse a clear failure as Commander in Chief with a noble photo of HIM while there as damage control.

dcat said...

Yeah well RG, you know his run for office is much more important than a few dead heros! He has to up stage the so the head up the ass crowed can be proud of him instead!

I will too get nastier as that pisslamic commie in office keeps up his bullshit! I hope more real Republicans can kick some ass instead of playing patty cake! Nice never gets you anywhere with THUGS!!!