Monday, August 22, 2011

Hemp fest pot heads in Seattle!


Haven’t we got enough problems without having more pot heads running amuck!  Yeah you bet I’m against it!  I think that if you’re sick you need to go to the doctor and if you need drugs then have a prescription filled out!  There is no reason people should be growing it in a community when there are plenty of warehouse buildings sitting empty!  It also needs to be monitored and checked by state and authorities!  NOT IN MY COMMUNITY!  It is an illegal substance!  It destroys more then it helps! 
I'm guessing most in the crowed are on the socialist system and want more from the hard working Americans! 
To everyone at that slime fest:
"You all disgust me and like pisslamics I don’t want anything to do with your kind!"
Yer not Americans your all parasites just like that asshole al o butthead you voted for!

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