Saturday, December 26, 2009

Islamic ass wipes at it again I see!

Sorry I was too busy enjoying Christmas!

See this is what happens when one decides to turn everything off and go enjoy a Christmas Holy Day!
Terror plot foiled! Too damn bad ain’t it! LOL

· My feeling on this is: I can’t believe the moron is still alive!!! The passengers should have killed it!

We should have a passenger training camp, to kill terrorists on contact!

Warning I will be flying out next month Delta and AA consider this a fair warning to terrorists!


Mike's America said...

I'd say they have to keep the scum alive to question him, but then I realized Obama is president and will probably make sure he has a lawyer and isn't forced to talk by putting him in a cold room.

I'm flying back out through Detroit in a few days and will report back if they are strip searching nuns while waving through Muzzies shouting ALLAH!

dcat said...

LOL Mike not only ali O! CAIR has some thug lawyers like in the Rifqa case!

Oh yeah and Rifqa did keep it all a secret for four years! So if one more moron comes out and said: “Oh lalalala memememe she should have…” I’m blasting them out of the water!

No one knows islam as well as the ones oppressed by it! People in islam, ‘THEY ARE ALL NUTS! AND YOU CAN’T REFORM NUT CASES!!! Dr. Jassar was even a cast away from his own mosque! What more proof! And the ones in that religion are blind! So is he! A doctor? Smart but still stupid! I seem to be seeing a lot of that lately!

Frankly, I don’t see anything beautiful about yelling out yodeling chants! It’s sick!

First we were attacked on 9-11 the last straw! We went in to Iraq to get the thug Hussain then move onto other thugs! The radical sect is just that ISLAMIC NUT BAGS! Oh and yeah and they reside right here too! Hoping to take our freedom!

Not without a good fight from me at least!

Have a good flight Mike and stay safe! We need your blog to go on! Happy New Year!

dcat said...

Call it what it is!

dcat said...

Maybe now this will come to a halt with granting access!

Mister Ghost said...

There was another suspicious incident in Detroit - same story, Nigerian, bathroom, no luggage, paid cash for the ticket, could not answer why he wanted to come to the US - but amazingly let on the Northwest Airlines flight:

Debbie Schlussel lives in Detroit, so anything pf a funny nature that happens there, she's usually first on it.

dcat said...

Shhhh Mister Ghost! Don’t scare the DHS!

They feel the people can’t handle it.

...Um they have no idea that most of us are not scared but angry as all get out!

Anonymous said...

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