Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Allen West :+:


Mister Ghost said...

Merry Christmas Donna,
I like Lt. Col West's chances as Florida seems to be leaning heavily Republican. Rubio will likely beat Crist in the Senate primary too.

Marshmallow, below, is an Iraqi Christian, who now lives in Michigan with her husband.

The extremist Islam

Again and again the Churches and the Christians in Iraq are paying for the brutality, the barbarism, and the haughtiness of the so called religion "Islam"!! Can any one count how many times the churches were attacked since 2003 until today's date?? Can any one count how many innocent souls were murdered with no reason?
I have and we all have had enough of their expressions pretending that "Islam" is the religion of peace. BULL SHIT. What peace??? Is there any heavenly religion commands to kill other lives? Does Christianity tell us to hate others and fight them or force them to become Christians? Do we call Muslims sons of monkeys and pigs??

dcat said...

And a Merry Christmas to you Mr. Ghost!

I think most people are control freaks is what I think!

I don't like control freaks and the worst ones are the ones that think theirs is better then someone elses!

I don't need to compete because I know God has me in his hands.

Therefore I can ignore the idiots on this planet.

dcat said...

Oh btw you know bg don't you? Here is a link Do enjoy.

Oh and fuck the religion and faith! They are using the people! It's all about power!