Monday, November 12, 2007

My Veterans Day Weekend 2007

This is my personal observance of the Veterans Day weekend.

Just for our Veterans I would like to share what happened on a Delta flight 1627 on this day the 11/11/07. Hubby and I came from a fabulous trip, one not always available for others. I feel very fortunate, fortunate that I felt safe enough to go on this trip. The air lines were top notch and when another security personal didn’t catch a bag not checked others did. I bet they had fun giving the officials hell for it too. I also hope that every one of the folks working for the airline industry keep on with the visual watch and make sure to be very much a part of keeping an eye out for their fellow worker that might miss something. That is team work! That is what I saw.

On this flight 1627 I got to notice military personal. Not for the uniform but listening. I found people behind me involved with the military and their kids serving. I also noticed across the isle there sat in full leather and a freedom fighter patch. “He was a patriot guard.” I was excited to hear him talk to another guy that wasn’t too knowledgeable about the Baptist morons that want to crash funerals for our soldiers. The patriot guard did a fine job of telling this guy the details. I sat there with a grin on my face. Not that I just won a game of trivia but how this guy just got all quiet once told by the Patriot Guard the details right down to the jail time for the leader of this Baptist group!

Then to add injury to the morons against our troops if any on this flight I was on. Because when the flight personal said to enjoy the Veterans Day weekend and how about a hand for our troops… The plane went nuts with applause and cheers mine being so loud that the woman next to me just about fell on the floor of the plane. I didn’t care for the long stair at me from a dark skinned Indian, Arab whatever sitting over by a window glaring at me. I didn’t much give a shit because there was nothing that was going to take that pride from me and I know that Patriot Guard felt the same as I got a nod. GO TROOPS YEAH MON!

This by the way this was a flight from Georgia to Seattle. We got in about 8:45PM 11:45 Jamaica time. ^..^
“We’re gathered today, just as we have gathered before, to remember those who served, those who fought, those still missing, and those who gave their last full measure of devotion for our country... One of those who fell wrote, shortly before his death, these words: ‘Take what they have left and what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own. And take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind.’ Well, today, Veterans Day, as we do every year, we take that moment to embrace the gentle heroes of Vietnam and of all our wars. We remember those who were called upon to give all a person can give, and we remember those who were prepared to make that sacrifice if it were demanded of them in the line of duty, though it never was. Most of all, we remember the devotion and gallantry with which all of them ennobled their nation as they became champions of a noble cause... Our liberties, our values, all for which America stands is safe today because brave men and women have been ready to face the fire at freedom’s front. And we thank God for them.” —Ronald Reagan


The Griper said...

welcome back. i can see by your post it was a most enjoyable experience. brought a big smiles to me.

dcat said...

I just knew it would griper ;)

I am still smiling. :)

I forgot to mention the flag ceremony in Jamaica. The cheers when our flag was next to mention amongst the other flags to be honored.

I may add there were no Arab flags. :D

Mike's America said...

Did you see who I spent my Veterans Day with?

Hint: A veteran..... someone you have heard of.

dcat said...

Ok Mike,
I went and now all impressed with the questions you had and the entire post! Very nice job!

Mike H. said...

Good post dcat. Fitting and true.

dcat said...

And thank you to you too Mike H :)

Tom C said...

Killroy was here.