Saturday, February 18, 2006

Too Many For Them To Take Out

Come on out losers! Just try it!!!

I have to agree with The Talent Show
I don't sympathize with those who are offended by some of the other cartoons! The people rioting in the streets need to calm the hell down. Living in a free society means sometimes you're going to hear and see things you find offensive. I say deal with it! Protesting is a perfectly natural reaction, but this is extremism :

At Atlas Shrugs
Oh and for the record Clinton is the mistake!

Update: Thanks Don and I hope the little ingrates come here to click on this link provided by: Grizzly Mama's article: "We are at war"

The Danes will not be their only problem here sweetie! If I am ever approached by any religion of Islam I will press charges and have its ass thrown in jail! Not to mention a law suit for my pain and suffering!!! I will throw a horrible spell at them to boot! I swear to GOD!

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