Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hannity: Feb 26, 2016: Cruz Slams Trump, Looks Ahead to Super Tues. in P...

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dcat said...

Ok I have just decided right now, that I will not hold my nose and vote for trump! I am going CRUZ all the way!

He is right that ovomit needs to stay in this time not the past like black lives matter seems to be living in! ....geese all they can drudge up is the crusades!? That is pretty piss ass poor if you ask me!

Your trump crap crown will be just hidden and I will let your sheepel keep going over that cliff!

Chris Christy is a islamic lover! He had the leader of hamas at the government building for dinner for gosh sakes! He is part of the problem like most people are! Blind and stupid!