Thursday, July 31, 2014

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RG said...

Re: A different topic if you will would like to pronounce a victory in the Southern US border state of Texas.

Under the leadership of Tejano (multi-generation Texan of Mexican descent) Villeaneuva preparations for housing illegals from Honduras, Peru, Guatemala in one or all of three pre-desginated locations has been defeated.

Unfortunately today illegals killed an off duty Border Patrol agent and another of his party in a car jacking as the off duty agent and others of his party were on their way to do some fishing 31 miles on the US Side of the border.

The lawless Barack Hussein Obama and all members of his regime are responsible for more deaths of US Federal people. He should be held accountable for this murder as it is a direct result of his illegal migration plan of placing foreign nationals in this nation illegally in strategic political locations in order to counter the influence of citizens of the United States of America.

dcat said...
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dcat said...

RG, thanks for posting it here I need to go to Twitter next.

Ted Nugent is correct by calling him a mongrel that's what he is! Obuttshit needs to be taken down for treason! It's so obvious that he hates America and he hates Israel he just about cried because he had to say something positive the other day about Israel being able to defend themselves! Such a fucking asshole!

RG said...

Thanks DCat.

UPDATE: Suspects in the murder of off duty Border Patrol Agent in front of his family had been arrested and deported numerous times: