Saturday, December 14, 2013

Islam In Bellevue Washington Business

Yes I am appalled and offended to see these pictures in a magazine!  I do remember 9-11 and I do remember how none of them here were quick to say they were sorry to see that and support America!  No they played the victim!  They want America to kiss up to them!  

They are here people and they are working it!  We already have freedom of religion however theirs is an ideology hell bent on destroying the Constitution of the USA with their Sharia crap law!  They are playing the race card and  any another thing they can think of!  Cunning, sneaky little twerps the lot of them!!!  

I reported what I saw and the magazines were picked up off of the table.  People are so not aware!  With a little education even the left will get it!  Scream hate crime you little lefties really?!  Do they even know that none of their Western ways are exceptable according to Allah?!   They hate gays and they hate women and so they brainwash their own women!  The women are all hypocrites too and nasty with their little stupid games.  I have truth to share with my own encounter!  They flip the table on you and call you a lier with out calling you a lier!  They always have two when you are alone.  Then they give you the stupid "eat shit look".  

Thank God I know a few conservative hairdressers that will carry the torch to educate!  Oh hell yeah!  

Look what I found in a magazine:


Indigo Red said...

The first photo of the man and woman - they aren't Muslim, they're Sikh. Sikhs and Muslims don't play well together.

dcat said...

They could be Pakistani too! They are muslim and so are some indians!!!