Wednesday, May 15, 2013



Guess Who said...

The Progressive ASS-HAT blogger at
Progressive Eruptions
seems to think that the Obama Sandals and the Benghazi Attack and Murders of our 4 Brave Americans is a BIG JOKE and calling the whole matter a “CIRCUS” . I guess it’s all a laughable matter to these people. No wonder you are getting all these comments about her here !

I know that they want to make this to be a non-issue and save Obama’s behind, but I think that this response is a bit too much and that she has crossed the line from Patriotism to Treasonous.
An Embassy in a country where America had just helped overthrow a dictator, which happened to reside in a hotbed of radical anti-Americanism was left horribly undefended. Why? Is that a “CIRCUS”?
That, to me, is Pathetic, and a cop-out on Obama’s responsibility. . Personally, I don’t think that anyone should trivialize, this is not a Republican/Democrat-Progressive issue. This is an American matter because an American Ambassador and three other American soldiers are dead, and on that basis alone this should be given the proper NONPARTISAN attention that it deserves. This is not a laughable matter.

dcat said...

Well guess what? I know the enemy and it is too damn bad that there are loons out there that don’t have a clue! Radical islmists and we all know who is kissing their ass don’t we!

The blogger at Progressive Eruptions is a joke and part of the problem! I don’t go to moronic idiot’s erection type blogs they hardly have anything to deliver intellectually. Sounds like another one that has no respect for life. Maybe his will be a short one and he can yuck it up in hell!

… Oh guess who… the second one is to resign over tea party targeting!