Monday, March 11, 2013

CAIR Here You Go.. Mooohahahahahahahaha...

Sweet!  Just click "Here"

The picture is just a little bit more of a jab to really get the ball rolling!  I would like nothing more to piss them off so bad that they do something really stupid! 

Ahhh but one can do nothing and they still will do something stupid!  Can't wait for their demise by the almighty and that won't be the only political ideology going to hell either! 


 It’s all about them don’t you know the hell with the rest of us!  Well I am taking a stand!  Gotta die anyway and I have a better protector then they do!  What goes around really does come around I have seen it happen too many times!  I’m not afraid!  Might as well go out in style!  I mean if they are going to turn this country into a shit hole you might as well call em on it (rub the nose in it so to speak) and let them do their dippy little jihad shit fit!  I mean hell they all work for Lucifer and I don’t and will NEVER! 


Nice job Pamela keep up the jihad right back at them!  YeeeeHawww!  Don’t let them or our Government stop you! 


Not islamaphobic just pro American Values!  They CAIR (Islamic) are the racist ones by far!  We give them the freedom of religion and what the hell do they do with that?  We give them the constitution to have freedom and we are being name called?!  WTF are people that think that smoking anyway!?  Wake up the stupid campaign this is real!

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