Saturday, December 29, 2012

The World Will Know!

See this movie: 

The Stoning of Soraya M.  See not without my daughter too while you are getting educated!
Go to Netflix and give it 5 stars!  Truth is the new hate speech!

The world will know and keep on being told!  My curse to anyone that follows islam or sticks up for this vial cult, will be the hell fire of Satan and it will be TRUST ME!

CAIR and Hamas eat shit and die! 

Open those pocketbooks and give to: Pamela Geller for those bus adds!  Do it NOW!


Always On Watch said...

Next up in a course that I teach (Western Civ through Film): Not without My Daughter.

We still have few pockets of truth in education, mostly in the homeschool movement.

I've seen The Stoning of Soraya M.. Grim, but realistic.

I've given the film 5 stars at Netflix.

dcat said...

Did you know that the actress that played Soraya was affected by doing this movie? It should affect everyone to give it 5 stars and bring it to the top of all movies as another must see! Three stars REALLY!?

Yes it must be the idiot leturd leftists probably judged it based on acting and hell the hell with the story! Never mind a woman was held captive in Tehran! Never mind that a woman was stoned to death because her husband wanted a young little 18 year old virgin and could not support two wives! “She lost her life”.

I guess the viewers that gave three stars because of the story line maybe? HOW DARE THEY!!! What idiots!

Thank you AOW I can always count on you! At least we get it!

I am pissed right now at humanity of the ignorance even when educated! Teaching brick walls just for the grade is a waste of time!

Some with degrees might as well wipe their ass with that piece of paper because they are still that damn dumb!!!