Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Seattle Protesters

What a bunch of thugs!!!  I hope the police shoot them dead!   How dare these thugs cause so much trouble to good people trying to go to work and provide for their family!  You’re not people, people you all are nothing but assholes and thugs!   Oh and illegal is illegal!  Go to a socialist country you commies and Marxist!  I for one am sick of your crap!  So are all the decent people and we have rights too!  Damn you all need to be deported because you are not Americans you’re a bunch of thugs!!!  You can wipe your ass with the literature and should be fined! 

I think we should have every right to protest against obuma too but gee our rights are being taken and so is the American dream because of the whinny little socialist Marxist commie have not morons!  These left loon losers have rights?  The left loons seem to be trying to run the show!  Not for long!  I’m sure this is making people see that the left are really disgusting creatures and won’t have nothing to do with them!

My prayers go out to the businesses and the police God please look after them and our country rid us of these parasites. 
Just disgusting:  Seattle May Day protests turn violent

Here you see the perps!


dcat said...

Leftist media really are the cause of all evil “oh this was a peaceful march” LIKE HELL! The left loons are behind it all and it is so @I#*Y obvious! Immigration my ass! They don’t care to play by the rules and then we have obuttface ready to take their vote and all the bullshit with obutthead in Afghanistan! Hired thugs and all of them! The ocupussies are the dread lock dipshits all going crazy because they don’t want to pay for all the college student loans for basket weaving classes that, they can’t seem to make any money at! Their work ethic sucks and they all get what they deserve!!! Even the rich can’t bail them out and why should they!!!

Indigo Red said...

"I hope the police shoot them dead!"

I think that may be the hope and plan. No matter the politics of the city leaders or shooters, Republicans and Conservatives will be blamed and more violence will ensue with abundant fake righteous anger.

dcat said...


Most everyone there was a libtard! The city is mostly libtards Indigo!!!

Who cares it is all our "Conservative Republicans" fault anyway. They are all stupid morons!

Now we all "Tax Payers" have to pay for their sorry asses in jail!