Sunday, December 04, 2011

New Diseases Named

I think my brother will make it just fine in the medical field of politics.  I think he diagnosed these quite well!

Ignorosis :
"I have coined a couple of new terms for two diseases that have run rampant through the nation since the last presidential election. The terms are associated with people that voted for Obama because they failed to investigate to any degree (or to believe the data they were given or that was readily available) the background information available on the fraudulent, communist, born in Africa, muslim presidential candidate Obama. The first medical term and condition is referred to as Ignorosis.      

Ignorosis is the condition of being ignorant of the available information, records and other data available which clearly shows a malevolent condition that could potentially infect and destroy our country with another petulant, deadly, pervasive and tragically malingering disease known as Communislamism

Communislamism is a virulent, highly contagious disease of the cerebral region and associated areas which causes the weak of spirit, poor of character and generally below normal intellectually challenged to blindly follow the mind numbing indoctrination of either the communist ideology, muslim ideology or both of these sickening, parasitic, perverse ideologically demented philosophies.    

Communislamism will turn the brain to a mushy consistency much like that of watered down mushroom soup. Once infected with this disease victims seldom recover as they now become lifelong victims, and follow blindly, the socialist State-ist leaders. They can now only seek to live parasitically off the productive output of others and attempt to force others to further their agenda of making the nation a total welfare state beholden to the democrappy party.

The Occupy Wall Street participants are a sad example of a large group of tragically infected victims. They have nothing to offer the society on which they seek to live except perhaps degrees in Classical Studies or Sociology. Occasionally a few fortunate victims of these diseases have been cured by massive infusions of truth, common sense and the ability to learn deductive reasoning. Though this rarely occurs, it has been known to happen when carriers of the disease have been removed from an environment of symbiotic parasitosis associated with large groups of like infected individuals. Massive doses of the aforementioned curatives must be administered continuously for extended periods of time, (sometimes for life), in order to cure the severely infected.   

Conclusion: Our nation has been horribly infected by these virulent and nearly incurable diseases. However, there is hope for our nation through vast infusions of truth, intellectual integrity and the avoidance or total abstinence of any indoctrination of the main stream Communislamic media, liberal academia and the socialist Democratic party of America. Avoid these sources of petulance and disease and you will be able to remain a productive, free, self sufficient, critical thought capable American citizen and patriot. God Bless."

Hat tip to you Kurt!  Nice Job!

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