Friday, October 22, 2010

NPR has gone Sharia

Don’t you dare say anything about that golden religion of asshole muslim islamic jerks! CAIR is the group!

Not that I listen to that back ass left loon station! I heard today how many do and now won’t be. I hope NPR gets flushed down the toilet

I am outraged at idiots like whoopie goldberg and joy bear as well! Why can't they see the facts!? Are they that stupid?! The answer is yes they are!

No I’m not a bigot you bigots at NPR!

YOU ARE AGAINST THIS GREAT COUNTRY NPR! So now we know where you stand!


Welcome to OUR side Juan! Yes the left is vicious and that is why I remain strong! (NO I WON'T SHUT UP!)This keeps the back ass idiots from my site!

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