Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Barack Obama! You don't fool me!

You don’t intimidate me either you asshole!

I dissected your sugar coated “make you feel good” fantasy speech! How DARE YOU THROW IN THE IRAQ WAR!!! YOU DIPSHIT!

Take your friends at CAIR and leave my country!

Remember everybody, ‘as someone corrected me about shiria banking on the rise… IT IS HERE ALREADY!

He had his own scare tactics in the speech but the blind can’t hear them! I sure as hell DID!

Furthermore I don’t need a relationship with a muslim! One foot in the door and we should and will amputate it right off with a slam of the door!!!

Oh and God Bless you!


Mike H. said...

I'm glad that you suffered through it so I wouldn't have to. I have this extreme case of aDS (al-'Bama Derangement Syndrome) ;)

dcat said...

I see my doctor getting out of health care! I wouldn’t blame him either!

No the speech last night didn’t help you dippy ass channel 5 loons!

“as for ali-bama” HE IS A LIER!