Monday, July 06, 2009

Coexist? …With Islam? Think again!

Islam is trouble! Look at who is at the beginning of that bumper sticker!

God I want to take people with those Coexist bumper stickers and sit them in front of countless executions of Christians and Jews on the web! View what those morons are doing in the Middle East that our media refuses to show!

They are stoning women to death! Remember the young girl that had a Kurdish boyfriend and she was Sunni? Or was that the other way around? Doesn’t matter because she is dead! She was pulled out of her home and the locals stoned her to death in the street! It was all over the web and low and behold it was on TV! “I was surprised the media got that one!” But there is more that happened that the media didn’t cover! Adding to insult to injury of this beautiful girl’s life the autopsy was done. Low and behold it showed she was still a virgin. The sick thing is, is that the family waited for the news of her being a virgin because of honor! Um people! Knocking on their heads she is DEAD!

I can’t tell you how angry I am! I am trying my hardest not to curse and swear as I do when I am really pissed off!

Then I go to Gateway Pundit and another sore spot! It’s happening here right under our noses! Get some popcorn enjoy the show! It makes me feel sick even though I don’t have children. I have nieces and nephews and Great nieces and nephews. I feel very sad for them that they will have no freedom once sharia law takes hold. I weep for our country’s future! And we the baby boomers are letting it all happen!

Another thing is we always coexisted and helped other countries against tyranny and now tyrants are the heroes! Al-bama is making that happen!

Enjoy the film I hope you come around to what is really happening with that so called religion of peace! TELL THEM TO FUCKING COEXIST! NOT ME!!!



Funny, I don’t feel any better getting that out! I’m angry and I am sad and I have a lot of fight still in me! No one will take that from me! EVER! As GOD as my witness! "Remember Christ got pretty pissed at one point too. It was disappointment in the people.


Here is one from a friend: Ok Shiva but we got problems in Michigan too and that is in the USA!

We got to do this together and take em all down!


The Griper said...

you know, dcat, that may be one of the redeeming points of Osama and those like him. before he came along the world ignored how the women of Islam were treated. now it is out in the open where all may judge. it no longer can be ignored.

dcat said...

It Always was an issue with me way befor his sorry ass was even born! I just felt the kids will just grow up and leave the damn cult! Obveously thier aren't enough smart enough to leave the back ass cult!

Indigo Red said...

Dearbornistan just pisses me off!! My parents lived there and a sister was born there. It used to be a good town, now it's Muslim.