Sunday, February 08, 2009

SHAME ON obama!

I see he is going to upset more of the dim bulbs that voted for him!

Obama is kowtowing to the enemy!

Obama will be handing out daisies to the enemy while the enemy is beheading and torturing dragging and burning our brave soldier’s bodies through the street!

The USA needs to be ready! When we are appeasing the enemy there is something going on!


Indigo Red said...

It's like the Mom said. If anyone but a terrorist had attacked and killed people they would have been charged, convicted, and sentenced by now.

Obama is a disgrace and this Mom is not the only Obama voter who is having serious second thoughts.

Mike H. said...

I hate to sound mean but there were ample indications to alert everyone to his philosophy. Everyone voted for him because he was black and they had no concern for his experience. That lack of experience is showing now in his appointments, his foreign policy and his take on the war on terror.

He's going to cut the military spending and the mom will not only mourn her son but start to worry about the safety of her daughters!

dcat said...

Yeah well guys you know I'm like you two in that I didn't vote for him!!!

I think he has two daughters ;)

Anonymous said...
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dcat said...

No anons please and no I will not go there!

bye anon!