Friday, June 14, 2024

Happy Birthday To President Donald John Trump!

 A bigger % of people loves you, than hates you!  The ones that hate you are the commie Marxists against our Constitution!  They hate America!  Maybe we can have them deported with the illegals!  Especially the chanting fools" "to the river and the sea!"  We don't need that trash here!  

Everywhere you go, President Donald J. Trump, you draw a crowed that loves you!  They have your respect!  Your stellar family, are the very fabric of the USA!  This is what America needs to return to!  Even Harlem is for you!  The Black Panthers love you, and endorsed you!  

People know "The smart ones"  This will be our 3ed time voting for you!  I had to convince my husband the first time.  We voted for you in 2020!  Too bad they cheated!  You really won!  My husband said he will crawl over glass to vote for you again!  

I'm always right you know!  

God bless you and your family!  We want to see the trash in the white house along with the swamp, perp walked out soon!  We know you will do it!

Bring class back to the White House, also to our great United States of America!

Prayer is very strong!  God knows what they are doing!  The devil has a short time on Earth and he is desperate!  

You live in the enemies head, because they have a lot to fear!  Bless you, Donald J. Trump, on your birthday!  May God give you more strength to defeat the evil in this country, once and for all!  You have seen what I have been seeing, a very long time!  While the media lied!  We hold them accountable as well!  

On this special birthday, you Donald J. Trump, have many that stand with you!

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Florida Is The Best For Family!

When I moved to Washington State I was really far away from all the kin!  It's nice to be living in Florida!  Had property for the longest time here.  My mother thought we would live here someday.  She didn't make it, but us kids did!  The property was all sold and we wanted more land around us.  It happened.  Just took a while.

 The one that lives the furthest is my niece.  She has been teaching for 7 years, after going to collage here in Florida.  She was the first one here! 

Time sure flies!  We have to celebrate what God, has given us everyday!   It was a very nice place to have dinner.  Facing the Gulf.

Then we came to our home after dinner, for some homemade cheesecake.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Steve Bannon Responds to Being Ordered to Prison

I may very well be on a list too.  I have been blocked on every commie Marxist platform out there.  I don't care either.  There is something better waiting for me.  

What they are doing to American people, it is TREASON!  

Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire 6.8.24 pt. 1

Thanks for partyin with us this weekend, Ocala!🤘🏼#shorts

My Pronouns: Prosecute/Fauci

Not a doctor!!

Americans are coming to grips..

I knew not to get the jab!  Yup, some can't think on their own Ted.  Sad!

Monday, June 10, 2024

Fake News Won't Tell You This!

 Because media cowards don't want you to know anything but what they tell you!  

I kept telling my friend that the military is behind the Constitution and law!  Here is Ivan to fill you in!  Most of us knew behind the scene.  However, truth be told, I didn't think it was going to be Ivan Raiklin 

Do enjoy some TRUTH

Sunday, June 09, 2024

President Trump in Las Vegas, #nevada

Fresh Shrimp From Tortuga!


These are so much better, than Chinese farmed shrimp!  Tortuga isn't that far away!  My pilot brother of mine, lives near by us.  How fun!  That is the only way I'll fly again!  He is a retired pilot.  

We love seafood.  I can get lots of fresh everything around here!  

Got busy cleaning, lobbing off the heads and deveined them.  Some cocktail sauce and a nice stake tonight.  Tomorrow it's shrimp fettuccini, with my world famous homemade bread!  Some dipping oil and all!  The rest into the freezer.

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