Friday, August 12, 2022

Sure YOU Don't

 That's a BS!  Double middle finger to them all from me!

JP Reacts to Begging Portland Council to Help Antifa More!

FOUND inside Mar-a-lago!

We Hear You Knocking

 But you can't come in.  You know the godless demonic rats, are now attacking and baiting.  Don't they know that won't work either, because no one is giving them the time of day!  Our email is probably being watched by flunky criminal FBI in underwear that haven't been changed for several days.  With crumbs all over the keyboard, frustrated as hell!  I know they are.  They now own their criminal behavior!  

Come to TRUTH!  We will put your commie ass in a play pen and close the door on you.  I already have done that to a few.  It's comical to me what they say.  I just sit back anymore and watch.  It's up to the one that owns the post to deal with them.  I will block anyone that tries to tell me something other than I posted in the comments.  Even if you have fooled the poster into friendship.  I won't put up with it.  Just like here,  comments come to my email.  I don't beat my chest nor do I care about popularity!  I want my freedom and I love my life too much to deal with the drama queen commies.  

I am harsh?  Don't like it move on!  My message to the FBI and to the woke in military, you're following a criminal!  You took an oath, that oath was NOT to comply with tyrannical, treasonous orders!  You comply with this abuse of power, you are part of the problem!  You want 3rd world?  Go to Columbia!  No job is worth it!  Especially if they, tyrants go against what you don't want to do!  Oh for the record, here on Earth I am not afraid of you!  On the other side your ass will be kicked to hell!  Not by me!  If you are atheist, it will be immediate! 


The jokes are great!


The Truth is real


The news is first hand

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Rocks Not Worth Putting In A Garden

 Dumb and dummer...  I got a call that voting starts early!  I fired back and said ON THE DAY AT THE POLL IN PERSON FOR EVERY ONE THAT WERE RECOMMENDED BY TRUMP!  Then I blocked the call!  This is Florida not some commie blue state!  I had to remind them!

I agree Cat... Or a padded room!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Rats Are Cornered

 Yes, this is only a last ditch effort.  Meanwhile we go on with our lives, because we have something better than they do.  That is Jesus Christ.  We are now the prosecuted, so make sure you are ready to meet our heavenly father.  

It will be them, that will go nut case violent.  It won't be us law abiding Patriots.  It's obvious to me they lied when they took the oath.  These wordings alone will drive them all nuts.  They are the ones that have failed.  I'm guessing by the visits I see here and the attack I got on truth, that they lurk.  They know what I do with comments.  Trust me, I am really good at pissing evil off.  I know what they are.  I really can spot them.  I was blocked by these same factious  commies.  I'll say it again, I wonder how many computers I destroyed, just with my writing.  I wish I could have watched.

Tell me FBI and other commies that think this action they took, was a good one.  What is it you plan to do once you eliminate the good people?  How much time will you have on Earth, before your demise?  Remember my words when you take that last breath.  I see it eating you up already.  Remember that eternity in hell is like forever.  I am not afraid of you pathetic evil trash.  

God has got this.  Y'all will see what comes next.  A rage inside evil man is all ready to explode.  Only the devil has no love for man.  God's people will win this one.  These are soulless cornered and trapped rats we are dealing with.  

Hold the line Patriots.  Let the generation of young people see it first hand.  The lies will have no power coming from the evil ones now in rage.

I have a memory from my garden for you.  It's "Mr. Lincoln"   

They Had To Sniff Melania's Panties

 They even went into Melania's wardrobe?  Perverts!

Hey you mongrel commies!  Trump can't be barred from running!  I really think that all of the FBI need to lose their jobs!  Soon as the commies put that pedo, and criminal, in the White House, the country has gone to hell!  Their criminals that started the January 6th couldn't stand it!  We all know who the instigators are. 

The happy valley sporting commie idiots, of left loons need to be kicked out of the country!


Allen West | Steadfast & Loyal | The Raid on Mar-a-Lago

JP Reacts to The Best Female Swimmer in the World!

Prayers Do Work

A testimonial.  I prayed for all my Conservatives in Washington State. Thank you God!  What the corruption of the commie left is doing, is very evil!  God isn't finished with them!  A message to them is that you will not harm his people!  After that statement alone they need to have even more fear than they already have! 

An email from a friend confirmed my testimonial!  

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

I Smell Democrat/RINO's Fear

 Obviously, what else do they have.  They think they will stop one man?  Guess again, many of us have been awaken for some time now.  Maybe that is why they tried to kill as many as possible with a virus.   Using people as lab rats.  Many out there don't want to admit it.  They will.  Watch what they do at the next election time.   

There was a troll on Truth, that told me that I wasn't a conservative if I was for Trump.  Say what?  This is why he ran!  He knew that their little boondoggle was not for the people, but for themselves.  Do some research.  Trump was not only a businessman, but in fact a democrat.   He knows a lot now about both parties.  Oh by the way, that is why we have the second amendment.  "Corrupt government".  

Trump knew, that they weren't interested in working for the people.  The government has become one elite club, for the wealthy and communist are what these people are!  They want people, to be dependent on the Government.  They hate that you have what you have.  Corrupted people don't want you to have the American dream!  Very shameful and they were all caught!  Bush, Pence, Clinton, Obama... the ring leader, the list goes on!  The swamp is very deep! 

They tried to play people against each other.  From the looks of it though, it has failed.  Now they are cornered like rats.  Desperate rats that now will try anything, in desperation.  Godless soulless people is what they are.  Notice how they shut down churches but big name places were still in operation?  They gave to the corrupted party.  They all saw who would comply and who wouldn't.  Many out there like myself didn't!  They used threats on peoples jobs.  Scare tactics is all they had to run on.  

The virus is real.  You need to take the things that would help you.  I got blocked for saying what that was.  Also that masks were and are still, worthless!  Yes, blocked for life on twitter, a week before the greatest President Trump was.  They hated me too because, I was one that my ballot disappeared back in 2004, and that I kept mentioning how Obama, loved coming to Medina in Washington State!  He loved, how the corruption was happening there!  It still is!

The corrupt media, has been found to be full of collusion, with the lies spewed to the people on a daily basis!  It's obvious that they were conditioning the people, repeating the lies.  May I say, I am not a writer, but I did ace my sociology and psychology classes.  To me it was like taking a basket weaving class.  Government and Econ where the other good classes.  I'm dyslexic so English was always a struggle.

As the shit show, clown show continues, make sure to get a front row seat and try not to fall asleep again!  


Meanwhile the butterfly garden is coming along very nicely!  Thanks for asking!  Now I know who my friends are.

This is one of my monarch caterpillars, that I got off my milkweed.  It's even larger today!  Chowing leaves down and growing.  I have two of them.  As I find them I will add them to the cage.

Just adding more mulch an the stepping stones

I can't wait till all the plants fill in.  I will add more to the mix as it goes.  Another little place to sit and enjoy!

A couple plants will be winterized when the cold weather sets in.  Pine needles are everywhere here.  I will be using the pine needles, also covering plants.  We do get frost you know.

This flower is over by our pergola area.  Another nice place to sit.  It's called a rose of Sharon tree.  Different from the other two rose of Sharon shrubs I have.  This will get to 12 ft. high and about 10ft wide.

The angel wing Jasmin is doing its thing.  I couldn't grow these outdoors in Kirkland Washington.  Too cold for it to survive.  Here it gets cold but the winter isn't as long and its nice during the day.  We were still using our pool in late December.  It's heated but this year we will drain it in January and acid clean it, paint the outer patio, and grout the tiles.  General maintenance after so many years, this place was built in 2007.  It was maintained very well, just the pool area needs a little facelift.  

Trust in God and hold the line!  They want us to go nuts and violent, so they will have another reason.  Give them enough rope, and they all will hang themselves.  

We Know What's Happening


They want a reason.  Hold the line!

Monday, August 08, 2022

The Last Of The Nails In The Dems Coffin

 Trump won and now we are seeing fear, with the democrats.  Good luck with your stupid, leftturds!  Yer done!  You best fear We The People!  HONEY!

Many are on to all of them!  They are in a panic on the left!  Sad that they have to make America look so stupid!

I know they are after us more than they are Trump!  He is just in a way.  Don't worry because we have many to step up to the plate!

JP Reacts to Joe Biden's Embarrassing 1988 Presidential Campaign!

Sunday, August 07, 2022

It's Sunday And The Democrats Are Still Dumb

 Yes, once again happy ass Kamala voted with what little brain cells she has, that's not many.  Her and the cronies voted for taxing Americans!  It's going to be everyone!  

I said it once, I'll say it again!  Government needs to get the hell out of healthcare!  We already saw what they did to kill millions with their deadly injections!!  F'n fools!  I will NEVER comply!  They, the evil people, are afraid of dying and I know why!  Satan is waiting for the murderers!  

Ah, but I will own all and be happy!  In the kingdom with my Lord Jesus Christ!  Take that you commie George Soros and Klaus Schwab!  You people will be in hell, for all eternity for what you are doing to humanity!  You and your little satanic secretion of slime, democrats and RINO wanna be Republicans, will be unveiled and destroyed!  You Godless heathens of filth, will parish and at the end of your life, you get to see God's wrath first hand!  His judgement on you!

They live high and mighty now on the sweat of hard working American peoples backs, but their eternity will be the opposite!  American people who worked, saved for a rainy day and planned!  The American Dream, will bounce back, and with that, all of these horrible peoples positions now will be finished on the left!  

I think with all the misery they caused many.  We should vote them out of the country!  To lose their citizenship!  Never to be allowed back into America!  They think they will live like kings, and make the American people their slaves!  How much more do you have to see, what these idiot commie, marxist, treasonous, apes are doing?  If you only had your hand out, for government to take care of you.  You are a fool!

You know the one in charge in climate change?  GOD!  He will be showing up with flame throwers when he comes back!  I don't want to be them!  Thats for sure!


I can disconnect with the evil going on, because of my faith in God.  I also feel it's important for me to write, as a reminder.  The dense will never get it.  Too far gone, and already sold their soul to the devil! 

Meanwhile we have beauty around us.  Thanks be to God, my prayers are for all the deserving followers, of Christ.  Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!  

I have been for a swim, took some pictures of new blooms, on my Star Jasmin.  The fragrance, is in the air around the pool area, from my banana bushes.  I have 4 of the banana bushes near me.  Butterflies, birds, flowers.  I am very happy.  My spirit is well protected.  

These are the new Jasmin blooms and already I can smell them!

Here is just one opening up!

This banana bush is almost a year old!  I had several blooms on all 4 of them, already!  More to come!

Saturday, August 06, 2022