Friday, July 19, 2024

The Secret Service During The Assassination Attempt

Taraji P Henson and Kamala Harris got a rude awakening.




Not going away either....  

Here you go.... There is your soy boy see the "LINK"


I love TRUMP!

 Rocking out to AC/DC!  YEAH!


Thank YOU Dan Bongino!

 This exposes them!  This is what all we need to avoid!  There are still Satanic people out there!  


They need to shut the hell up about Melania too!  Nothing but lies come out of the fake news mouth!  There are weak minded people out there that swallow it hook line and sinker!  

Go ahead you vicious mongrels out there twist this around to your narrative too now!  We know exactly who you all are!  We ARE SICK OF YOUR TOXIC CRAP!

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

President Donald J. Trump Third Night

 Here we are... This is what they would have STOLE from America!



Kiss my ass tone it down!!  NO!  YOU PEOPLE CAUSED THIS!


Investigate that FBI while at it!

I Saw That Same Thing In Trump!

 Sarah, you and me both!  Fake news won't show it though!  They have ugly hateful commie Marxists that they all bow to.

Thank you Sarah, for sharing TRUTH!

If you're a fan of Amber Rose please watch this powerful speech from her.

Thank you Amber Rose!

Sloped Rooftops

These Sick People are Angry He's Still Alive

Well JP they are deranged and need mental help.  Trump lives in their head.  They are unable to function and really are dark soulless miserable nasty people.  We just get to laugh at these losers.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Kool & The Gang - Celebration

Republican National Convention - NIGHT TWO

John Rich: Donald Trump, the Darkness of Eminem’s New Album, and the Son...

That Was My ?

 At this point why was President Trump on stage when they saw the perp?  

Mistakes like this should not only get them fired, but jail time!  IMHO

AOC Attacks Supreme Court!

Yeah Tom, They are panicking.  I'm guessing we will be finding out more criminal behavior coming from this administration!  

Also, I don't think 0biden was sincere ... I would have hung up on them!  Jill called Melania?  I'm sure Melania was gracious.  I'm not!

Trump Assassin Seen 30 Minutes BEFORE Shooting, Secret Service Let It Ha...

Yes, but he had an AR!  WTF?  They all need to be brought to justice NOW!  ENOUGH!  Such hate for President Donald J. Trump!  

I think they all need to be kicked out of this country for what they are doing to this country.  Such hate and ugly toxic people on line too!  They aren't blocked, but I sure was and I wasn't as bad as they all are now!  To take a life?  They are the ones that have blood on their hands now!  

They did the same to J6!  They get to riot in the street but Conservatives aren't allowed to have a rally, with President Trump? 

That is what J6 was doing till the perps got a few MAGA to follow them to the steps of the Capital, "The Peoples House" holding the door open...  The FBI in plain cloths were the ones doing damage, just for the camera shots!  I really feel now that ANTIFA BLM is the CIA and FBI!

"Revelation" by John Rich featuring Sonya Isaacs

Monday, July 15, 2024

A powerful Witness ladies and gentlemen listen the Randy he speaks wisdom


The Armor OF GOD!

Always protect President Donald J. Trump and MAGA


Republican National Convention - NIGHT ONE

President Donald J. TRUMP! 💖

Republican National Convention - DAY ONE


 President Donald J. Trump!  

This Will Work!

 I'm not upset with this pick!  Nice!  A Marine!

This was a show worth posting....  Actually, all of Jewels and Catturds shows are worth seeing...  Victims of the assassination are mentioned  Go Fund Me Page...

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Make America Great Again 2024 - God Bless The USA

Thank you God!

I just love Florida!  I was with my kind of people!  A beer good food music with patriots, listening to some fantastic tunes!  

God Bless America!

I'll Just Leave This Here


Our Classy Wonderful First Lady Melania.

 She is always classy and intelligent as always!  We love you Melania!


This Is Who They All Are!

 President Donald J Trump, was friends with them.  He and all of us MAGA people became their enemy, soon as he ran for Presidency!  The FBI was part of it all and J6 was a big set up!  That should wake you up!  

Same thing was done to the Kennedys because, they didn't agree!  

"The illuminati wealthy power-hungry mongrels, in office for years, that you see in this video here!"  

Epstien was killed, because he had something on all of them.   I know he was no angel, but he didn't trust them either!  The FBI went to the island to mismanage any and all evidence of guests!  Just like they did in Mar Largo!  "President Donald J. Trumps home!  Wake up dumbasses!  You're stupid, is really showing strong now!  

Your party and our government is under attack!

God will be doing more in the near future.....  I believe that the shooter, like so many hatting President Trump out there and MAGA, are still being brainwashed by the fake media!  

Look at that slow response "HERE"

I knew, DJT was a democrat.  I know he knew, something was off in government!  In the 80's!  Thats why I voted for him in 2016!  You see some of us pay attention!  I really didn't care for anyone, after I voted twice for Reagan, "yep the two bit actor."   Glad President Donald J. Trump came along!   FEARLESS!  Many of us will be with Gods help!  

We unlike the cowards in government right now, will be doing things the right way though, within the law!  Even when "LAW" is being ignored by these satanic mongrels!  The media is mutilating the TRUTH!  We have people out there, doing a better job than they are!  That is what scares them!  That is why so many of us have been silenced on social media...  Only their narrative was allowed to be sold to you!

You people out there are stupid, have weak minds and it is showing now even more!

Here is a recap of the hate you were fed!  EVIL!

We also need to destroy all of Satans statues by court houses, as well!  These people are sick and perverted!  In Gods name I pray the wicked shall be destroyed...   God took this one out.... I believe it was a bolt of  lightning.

All will be on bended knee to our Lord Jesus Christ!  The almighty God!  REPENT!

Emergency Broadcast: Shots Fired at Trump Rally

This is why we ask God to keep us all safe!