Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire 5.18.24 pt. 1

They are cornered rats Ted.  You of all people know what wild animals do when caught!  They sell fear.  They want us to give them a reason.

Joe's comms team

That is embarrassing joe 0biden for you....

If You Don't Agree With Them.

 Well, the real criminals are like caged rats in a corner!  Like animals clawing out!  What happens when you have them in a corner trapped?  They do what they can to survive, even KILL!

You know you're right Jewels and Cat!

Erik Prince: CIA Corruption, Killer Drones, and Government Surveillance

Because they can...  

Target DITCHES Pride Month Merchandise For 2024, Major Boycott Victory

Well, some of us are sick of these people!  I exist and I live in the greatest nation!  It will be great again!  We just need to kick out the commies!  

June is going to be America First!  If idiots want to go along with commie marxist ideas, I feel they will not do well here in the USA!  

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Ted Nugent - " Come And Take It" Lyric Video

Thank You To Vets And DJT!


Wild Week Continues.

 Thank you Jewels!

Hamas Signals Willingness for Ceasefire with Israel

They are the ones that attacked on a feast that Israel was enjoying.  It was them!  Inhumane and they always do the devils work, that is who and what they are!  

Can't have Israel partying and having fun now can we!  The Palestinians are always first at attacking and always were!  You can't be nice to these thugs!  Once you are they take even more!  Sort of what the idiots in our administration, is doing now!  Power & money hungry!

Even Anderson Cooper knows the trial against Trump in NYC isn’t going ag...

Most of us know, what is going on.  Lance was on target talking on this topic.  We all are a target against American FREEDOM!  

Thank you Lance!

The Guys Who Sell This Sh*t on Amazon

👊👍😂😂😂  It's so true!  I'm thinking of all those idiots with the pink pussy hats...  Waste of yarn! 😂

President Donald J. Trump Keynotes the Minnesota GOP Annual Dinner in St...

TRUMP 2024!🙏💗👍

Friday, May 17, 2024

We finally got Ryan Long!!!! | The Roseanne Barr Podcast #48

Satan Asks Democrats To Tone Down All The Evil

Seinfeld's Stunning Message for Woke Students

BTW The LGTBQ...DERANGED Will Cry Victim.

 Sure, they will, because they are losing ground!  

Americans, are posting things that have seriously triggered them.  They are the violent ones.  Let them have their satanic parade...  May I suggest to leave the little asshats alone.  They claimed the whole month of June!  

We never said anything to them.  Like a child they expect more.  That's the problem with spoiled brats.  Any violence will be coming from them now.  Why?  Because they are never satisfied.

Again... As always, they think tantrums work.  They will resort to hitting, spitting, destroying property, keeping people from going home, appointments, work...  That is who they are and what they do.

The pink pussy hat clan took over Seattle streets once.  I thought hubby and I, could take the bus that day to enjoy the waterfront and the Ma and Pa restaurant, that hubby and I enjoy.  Probably no longer there and neither are we!  We just let them have, their little hissy fit weekend.  Good y'all, walk your ass off, is what through my head!  Yer dumb!  My thoughts of them makes me laugh, just how stupid they are.


We will do and say, what the hell we want to!  We are calling it America First Month!  You can't stop us!  Too bad if you don't like it!  We won't bother you with your bullshit.  Any damage will be from the LGTBQ DERANGED.  

God why are they still living in the USA?  Commies please leave!  Don't come back!  America, we had enough of y'alls bullshit!

Let's see now, Gods promise, was the rainbow.  LGTBQ DERANGED stole that!

Then we have Flag Day for the 14th, for one day?  Donald J. Trumps birthday too!  BTW that's the American flag!  They commandeered the entire month of June, with something that isn't familiar with me, as an American living here 67 years soon to be 68 this month!  

Slowly they want to brake down the American dream, the American family... Everything to do, with what this great nation once was!  It's been degraded since the 60's!  With the flea bitten hippies!  That, my friend was the start of communism!  DRUGS!  SEX!  ANTI AMERICAN VALUES!  Some had shitty parents, during that time.

I simply stated to take back what WE AMERICANS WANT!  We don't burn down buildings, or harm anyone!  We don't threaten!  It's they, who show up causing issues.  They couldn't even leave the day alone on January 6th!  The goons mingled into the crowd.   See, if I was there I would have said to myself, don't do it!  Don't go with em...  I was when seeing it on line!  It was all a set up!  That is what criminals do.  Be aware of them American First!  They mean harm, they all run with Satan!

Americans will choose not to do damage, commies on the other hand, not so much.  Wild garbage people always will.  That is who and what they are!

I have a pool and land, so I will be celebrating my life.  Soon as they see you enjoying your life, freedom, the more the little mongrels, can't stand it!  Godless little shit all of them!  

I'm not doing anything that I don't agree with!  No one is going to make me either!  I refuse!  I don't fall in line!  Keep throwing that spaghetti against the wall you commies!  God will be at the helm, you my enemies will be in big dodo.  My prayers will not help you, because you are that stupid!  Prove me wrong!  

I will stick to my guns on FREEDOM!  MINE and every American First out there!  Yes pass it on!  Let them all choke on it!  In God We Trust!  We will M A G A!  Them's 4 words dummies, figure it out!


Thursday, May 16, 2024

Balloons Released With Jack Smiths Picture.

Perfect!   😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

All over the city after the trial today 😂😂😂


Yep!  That's sleazy Washington State for you!  Thank you Gabrielle!  Good job!

Blackout Coffee Is FABULOUS!

 I have to keep up with the kids "younger than me on TRUTH social"  I need to have good coffee in the morning!  It perfumes the air and it is the best I have had in a long, long time!  

They grind the coffee, when they go to fill your order.  

They are right here in RED STATE FLORIDA!  They ship anywhere.  Go to BLACKOUT COFFEE!  

(I'm not paid for this just sharing, because I did get some.  Actually this is my second order!)  My blog has no advertisements unless I think it is good!  I will never take money from no one on my blog.  I never allowed advertisements on my blog unless I put it up.  These are my pictures I took.  My garage, kitchen not a set.  I fill a little container next to our coffeemaker.  

Go to BLACKOUT COFFEE and taste the difference for yourself.  They give you 10% off on your first order.  I ordered two 5lb bags.  You won't be sorry.  BLACKOUT COFFEE

0biden Keeps Falling.

 Thank you to Dan Bongino!  I know you didn't make this but who ever did is good at it!  Gotta share!

Our poor country...  With this war monger 0biden and co... ENJOY!

This is why the debate will have CNN and all the other commie stations rules while debating!  Will be probably aired later, for editing!  When that happens, you idiots out there clapping like harp seals for this idiot, still with this corruption of power, all need a reality check!

I'm betting they will use AI.  

No pin head, what you see here are real clips of 0biden falling!  I'm surprised it is still out there, the commies haven't taken it off yet!

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

New Details REVEALED of ATF's Deadly RAID on Private Home | Fmr. US Atto...

This was uncalled for!  It should have never happened!  No one has the right to do that to an American citizen!  You knock at the door and ask!  This was very wrong!

See What Happens When I Move Here!

 No, because people are sick of this shit, shoved in our faces!  I am an instigator against Satan!  

All I have to do here, in the Sunshine state, is point them to where I moved from!  I saw the news there in WA. today!  By the way you "idiots supporting Palestine!"  You will be the ones thrown off of buildings, after all of us are taken out!  Useful idiots is your badge of honor!  Frankly, I don't want to see that happen to you!  

Believe me when I tell you, that your gayness is not welcomed in Palestine!  They love what you are doing for them now!  Tell me you like being used?  Don't sell yourself for money!

I have met two wonderful women near by, I pray for them all the time.  Good people, the lifestyle, it's just not Gods plan!  They don't go along with this month of bullshit either and they are voting for TRUMP!  They even have a grotto in the pool area, dedicated to Jesus!  In fact, they may have to be the ones to talk to St. Peter, for when I show up to get in to Heaven!  ...Yeah we know her, pain in the ass but ok....  

I have a confession.  A damn good one!  I went on TRUTH social.  I posted this.  

It always takes a popular person to run with things... Thank you to Laura Loomer!  It's going to be RED, WHITE, & BLUE!  

Look, I don't care what you do in your life!  You live in the greatest Nation in the world, that is now being taken over by the satanic corrupt commies!  They don't care about you!  This is not what we want for AMERICA!  Come on people!  God gave you and me free will, what you do, is between you and God's business, not anyone else's.  Just keep God's 10 commandments!  I do care what happens to you.

You already have your freedoms and Satan, works against everyone else's freedom!  He has people turning on each other!  I may not agree with you, but that is my right!  You should be embracing the Red, White and Blue for your freedom as well!  It's mutual!  You don't get to suppress my freedoms doing it!

If you are that damn miserable, I challenge you to move away!  Find out for yourself instead of being someone else's parrot, that is by the way, just using you!  (The money for hired thugs must be good, to someone without a job nowadays.)  

Sad, how you sold your soul to the devil himself!  You know what I'm saying, you just choose not to listen!  Satan loves twisting everything good, so be aware of what you are doing here.  Law and order needs to be applied right now to corrupt criminals, it happened in Germany to many good people instead.  They hid truth, from the local villagers.  In fact they wouldn't believe, till shown the mounds of bodies.  Read the history.  That is Satans work with hate.

I found, "The Art Of War" also an interesting read.  Sun Tzu.  I have studied martial arts, so somehow, I knew about it in my teens.  

You know you may hate the man being persecuted right now.  Look at the accusers life!  Really study it.  Man is so fallible.  Also look at the past what the kings did to Jesus!  Somethings never change, unless people start to wake up!  The corruption is evil "power"!  Who's to say you won't be next?  The Constitution of the USA is under attack!  The one's in power, just might get tired of you whining all the time.  I shudder to think of their plans, for you!

God is the prince of peace.  Always put him first.  It wouldn't hurt to pick up a Bible and actually read it.  Yes, written by laymen, the story was passed down.  From Jesus's apostles, look how they too were tortured and killed!  Find the oldest Bible you can.  I know that Satan knows that Bible inside and out, he will use the laymen again.  Only this time, they will be really evil!  They don't care about you!  But God does.

Don't mind me though, I am just a sinner, probably worse than you are, someone that has to ask for God's forgiveness, on a daily basis.  Start praying, because whether you know it or not, you will be losing your freedom too!  It's a matter of time.  

John Rich Interviews Vaccine Injured Veteran!

Trip Again There Joe...

 Jewels and Cat did a nice show today!  

Do enjoy!  I always do...  😘😎


Anti-2A Judge Sentences Man To 10 Years For 50 Rounds Of Ammo & Building...

YouTube Likes Taking Truth Off.

 That is why I share them.  Maybe the brain dead will see what they are  playing at!

They hate Truth social, they hate Rumble, that is why they are starting a bill against FREE SPEACH!  

But as always braindead will always be braindead!  Nothing to see by the commies with TRUTH in it!

Crooked Joe Biden is afraid to debate in front of a crowd. That’s only b...

EXACTLY!  The debate is finished!  TRUMP ALREADY WON!

Asking Hilarious Questions Outside Stormy Daniels Trial!


Yeah, they have their commie thugs well funded.  CAIR ...

Treniss Evans

Yet they didn't do anything to the real criminals, right ANTIFA, BLM, CORRUPT FBI, CIA!

Not ONE THING is cheaper under Crooked Joe.

The debate will be controlled by the commies with 0biden...  You just watch how they manipulate and show what they want to on CNN and all other commie news!  

The 0biden club refuse to see!  It's their pride they cling to and are so damn proud of their stupidity!  It's all being reviled but they refuse to see it.  It's best to rub their noses in it!

They don't show these posts....  

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

None of it is stickin'

That's how they roll!  Nice job Conservative Momma!

Storm Was Coming, So...

 It was time for me to make Cinnabons!  The original recipe!

The house smells amazing with these!

Aaron Rodgers: Epstein’s Death, Psychedelics, Fake Vax Cards in the NFL,...

I never complied, yes I thought the masked people were mental! 

I am always treated like crap by the control freaks out there.  Banned, blocked, shadow banned ...  I know what they are and they know who I am!  I won't change for no one!  Many people out there are shit to me!

Good show Tucker!