Sunday, December 05, 2021

Guess who loves Christmas

Graphic Content Warning: Marjorie Taylor Greene Plays Shocking Death Thr...

Marjorie, they're all satanic trash!  God will give you the armor you need, against the satanic hordes.  Sad they're in our country!  They don't deserve to be in the USA!  Such ignorance!  

Amazing how these people have the freedom to threaten, yet when I speak truth you little bullies block me!  They want all God fearing people to be killed!  Blocking us doesn't work anymore!  Trump was right!  Those people are sick!  

These types with the threats need to be THROWN out of the USA!  NEVER to be let back in AGAIN!  These twisted little commie, marxist, unAmerican bile of from HELL!

If this video goes poof, there you have it!  More proof about the vile trash against our rights.   

I'm Far From Quiet Too!


Biden needs to be locked up!  Anyone else against our Constitution need to keep going SOUTH!  TO CUBA!  

Florida House Republicans Shred 'Unconstitutional, Un-American' Biden Vaccine Mandates

Notice the noise in the background of the video at RUMBLE by Satan and how it got stifled!  

Kim Clement Prophecy! - China, Europe & The Beast Of The East | Propheti...

Saturday, December 04, 2021

December 4, 2021

Move to the beat everyone!  Exercise time! 

The Omicron Variant is Here! What You Need to Know

The Moronic Variant

 There are some smart folks out there!  LOL...

Love the new name for the china virus!  Didn't want to upset the Chinese.  So some smart cookie called The virus from Africa the Moronic variant instead of the Omicron variant.  

Well, that didn't take long!  I also see that nothing is happening in Africa from someone that lives there!  Poor media is grasping at straws again....  Boohoo...  

Take vitamins work out and eat healthy!  I get lots of vitamin D now!  It's another glorious day!  Look into taking the herbs and I also take a swig of elderberry, when I feel something coming on.  Hot tea, lemon, honey, with rock-n-rye helps too.  Good ole Mr. Boston!   

Gotta Love Rumble

 Especially with my friend STILETTO!  Give her a listen and a like +

Street Talk with Stiletto

Friday, December 03, 2021


Yep all our shit kickers!  Thank you Uncle Ted!

Thank you God!

 Thank you to all that prayed for Missy!

I am not on FB, but I got this text from:  Deplorable Deb Reporting from my basket.

Missy is clear of cancer!  She still has to go for updates on pet scans but, how wonderful that she was told, "clear of cancer"!  Because of the very good surgeon, that did the procedure!  Thanks to him too, but you can't leave God out of the picture!  That surgeon got his gifts from the almighty!  Never forget who gave you those gifts!  Use them well!

We have some doctors operating under Satan himself!  I don't need to mention him at this point!  I have a feeling evil is going to lose regardless.

I did finish my Thomas Kinkade puzzle, "Victorian Christmas 2".  We also hung an art piece that an artist in Cannon Beach, painted.  Every Christmas we would go to Cannon Beach!  Except the last two years because I refuse to comply!  We heard that that tree is still there.  I still have people that inform me of everything.  Here where we live now, we have freedom!

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Have A Party

 Matthew 18:20

When two or more gather in his name.  There is love.  

Christ has another birthday coming up.  What better way, to gather for celebration! 

We will be having folks in our area gathering and us meeting some, for the first time!  

I will be raffling off, a Thomas Kinkade puzzle!  Silent Night, is the picture.  It was never opened.  I have more than one of these.  They were very popular, if you look on line.  

This one I am doing now is called, "Victorian Christmas 2.  I also have, Victorian Christmas 1.  They are worth quite a bit, since his death.  Hallmark card shops had them.  It was a trade mark.  I have quite the collection.  Every year, I pick one and do it for a display.  Then I take them apart put them away.  This one I am doing was never opened till a few days ago.

It's fun to go to the puzzle closet to choose one of his puzzles to do.  I have been doing spring / summer ones, to celebrate the season and Christmas is the biggie!

It's going to be "a good time was had by all"!  I can't wait to show the previous owner what I have done with the yard!  He now lives an hour away.  

This December 10th will be 3 months since we got the house!  I already went through 3 pallets and a half of rock!  2 pallets of stepping stones, I need more!  Besides the one arbor, we plan to put in a pergola, on the patio by our "what I call, the carriage house".

We are enjoying Christmas this year, more than when we have the last 2 years!  Don't listen to the satanic idiots out there!  The devil will lose!  Take me out of this life and he will be finished!  That is the attitude I have! 

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Are You Obedient? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Obedient only to God!  


Happy Tuesday!


Joe Biden Gets Heckled By Gun Owners Calling Him Brandon

It's The Automobile's Fault

 Yes, red SUV's, should be banned!  Especially for driving through a crowd of people, enjoying the Christmas parade!  Right Darrell Brooks! 

The f-ups that report the news need to lose their jobs!


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Smart People

Hundreds of thousand protest

The Left is Normalizing Pedophiles? A Special News Report

Light & Love To You


More Than A Follower

When I was on fb, I really felt connected to many people.  Just like I was on blogger.  I never thought of being a "follower" I immediately felt, "friends" with like minds, that was to be what I was looking for.  I found gold!  Deep down and from day one, I knew I would be meeting and talking on the phone.  I didn't feel that way with others that I had become in contact with.  I won't go into that because it would be too ugly and petty.  I am who I am on line for a reason.  I have a strong personality.  We all have our way of expressing.  If you don't like something you move on.  That is the beauty of freedom.  

Unfortunately we have some little control, dictator commie freaks that think it's ok to stifle others opinions.  Again I will quote Allen B. West:  "Don't be blowing smoke up my ass calling it sunshine!" It is truly sad too, that there are so many with jealousy issues, with trying to outdo someone else for the sake of prestige.  You know, in Gods eyes we are all his children.  Some are down right spoiled little assholes!  Deb and I aren't afraid to call them out.  No one is better or beneath anyone in our world.  We know right from wrong!  That is the problem with some today. They are spoon fed with hate.  Also with their weak minds, easy to influence, easy to manipulate.  A Pablo's dog kind of indoctrination is being used for people to salivate on command.  Basically with anything that is told to them.  

Deb may call me a follower, but I refuse to believe that!  If she was to jump off a cliff, I may decline in doing so.  I know she wouldn't!  She may throw you over that cliff, but never jump herself.  That is how I am.  It's a Gods intervention that took place.  We are now friends for life!  Missy is a nurse, and now needs all the prayers from good people of God from around the world.  You may dislike me, but please, if you do anything today that is good, a prayer in Missy's name would be a good start.  Thank you!💗🙏

Deplorable Deb Reporting from my Basket 

Good Morning All... this has been a very good few days since Thanksgiving.  Every thing was delicious especially her pumpkin pie that she made for the first time.  I truly had a great time taken all our stuff out decorating.  Actually seeing things we have for a very long time over the years.  Things we never took out of the boxes.  ...