Thursday, December 05, 2019

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Christmas Tree Lighting...


Re-Elect That MF

Merry Christmas to me!

Well, Piglosi was unglued enough to hide behind the corrupt commie church!  Oh but you do hate and it shows!  The devil has their soul and I know that for a fact!  Since I am only human I will rub that salt into your wound you, socialist commies out there!  We know what you are and you run behind a religion behind God himself?  Guess what Nancy!  God is on our side not yours!  He turned his back on you people a long time ago!  I won't pray for your soul, because I know I can't.  God's will be done nasty Nancy and socialist commies!  Take that to the bank!

To me it shows the swamp is running scared.  Oh and I believe they will get theirs too!  It's getting good! 

Meanwhile I got this hat from the Motor City Madman himself! I ordered it a long time ago, I had asked.  So, Uncle Ted will I be getting it before Christmas?  My answer was in eyes!  Yup! The timing and everything!  I said to my husband look, he has my hat in his hand!  

I am from around the area he was from.  I did see him in my home town.  Not preforming but buying beer for his guys.  It wasn't for him but for his guys!  He never did drugs and never drinks.  We all lived in the same area, when it came to hunting.  He and Fred Bear were, the go to people!  Shemane, his wife is a wonderful person too!  Someday we will all meet again!  Not you Piglosi "Pelosi"or the rest of the swamp creatures though!

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

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Christmas Time and Fun Places

 Very nicely decorated!  Our favorite place to go on a lunch date.  The grounds are equally inviting.  It was 50 degrees out today, which is like spring weather!  However we didn't want to eat outdoors.  We saw people with their pets outside, near a table.  Our girl waited till after lunch and tasting.  I always have half of my meal for her, and a walk on the grounds afterwords.  We had a marvelous turkey pennine sandwich with our wine tasting, up in the club members only area.  

What a beautiful bird!

This is the entry.  I liked the tree and the wine selection too of course!  

After having lunch and wine tasting at the club room, we went to the other building to pick up our club wine.  We also did some wine tasting there in the members area.  They have a wonderful library room.  In the wine library, there is an array, for extraordinary palettes.   Even a Grenache for the chocolate lover!

Yes, one box contains the diamond ring, the other a diamond bracelet.  Hokum, I already have both.  This is a great way to see what kind of joker I am.  I stated to the sales lady, when getting this fine truffle and the other box containing Merlot chocolates, I was saying to her, wouldn't it be funny for some guy to get on his knees presenting the small box, as though a proposal?  LOL....  She said oh that would be wicked.  I know too much wine for me, cut me off.  This has been my nasty mind lately, thanks to the left socialist commies!  I told her.  She agreed and is sick of them all too!  So, you never know until you put it out there!

President Trump Participates in an Expanded Bilateral Meeting with the P...

Surprised It Took This Long....

Kamala Harris along with all the other left loon wackos need to leave our country!  

They're  all a disgrace and I for one am offended that these socialist, commie losers, even exist in our country!

Saturday, November 30, 2019