Saturday, December 03, 2022

Who Knows What Happens Next Year!

We might not have the money thanks to that treasonous bunch in the White House!  They know nothing is going to happen to them!  It makes me sick!  They took an oath!  They have Americans in a mess, because of their hate!  Not keeping Americans safe either!  Not to mention cheating!  Corrupt FBI, and the trash media is with them all. 

Make Sure To See THIS "LINK"

Another expensive cookie!  Sprits!  I like to add sugar art gold dust to the Sprits.  I use everclear on a pastry art brush to get the sugar glitter to stick. 

Having visitors soon, so one more cookie to make and I'm done!  Ready for company to stop by for some holiday cheer!  As long as everyone can still afford it no thanks to the criminals in the White House!

Loy Arlan Brunson

Brunson Brothers History

How Hollywood Kills Creativity with Wokeness

From 2019

Here I am from way back when, living in commie Washington State!

I may do a vlog from time to time.  We shall see.  I have a Rumble account so it's better than youtube.  

I haven't changed my stance on things.  I'm just seeing that the commies just aren't hiding their corruption anymore.  Love their twisted commentaries don't you?  LOL...  Enjoy!


Friday, December 02, 2022

I Baked These Expensive Biscotti's

Yes, I had to budget for this years baking.  Thanks to the Biden administration, I had to buy all ingredients last January!  That is how I could afford the expensive Ghirardelli white chocolate!  


Oh BELIEVE me I am aware of the the commie party!  LINK

I only have two more kinds of Christmas cookies to bake.  Hope it won't put us in the poor house thanks to this commie administration!  YOU WORK FOR US ASSHOLES!!!  

My Christmas Dreams vs Reality

Kanye Completely Self Destructs on Infowars

Thursday, December 01, 2022

WTF?! Mass Protests in China over You Know What

Defending LIFE in America!

Behind the Scenes of the Arrival Ceremony for French President Macron at...

"Dark Rooms"

A Stressful Day That Turned Out Wonderful

How many of you like going to the dentist....  Right?  I broke my bridge and was afraid, it maybe was the tooth.  Nope!  I cracked the bridge, right down the middle!  Needless to say I was very stressed out!  

A new place, will they be just as good as I had before?  YES!  The best thing was the assistant was on the same page, I was on!  On the paper work, it was asked of me, when I saw a dentist last.  I wrote up until the China virus struck!  No one here forces you to mask up!  GREAT!  Because, I was set to educate them all, and maybe possibly walking out afterwords!  The assistant knew quite a bit!  She will be looking me up on TRUTH social!

Then more good news is, that Deplorable Deb Reporting From Her Basket, and Missy invited me to come over since it was in their area!  "I feel like we live out in the sticks!"  It's quite the drive to civilization!  

I did go after my appointment to Deb and Missy's.  Numb lips and all!   I got lots of love from the pups and of course DA DA "Dobbi".  Not to mention Missy's yummy muffins with coffee!  What sweeties!  Deb knew I needed that!  See how they are!  Now why can't everybody be like that!

With my trip to their home the garden, is always the attraction with me!  Deb does it all up in the yard!  All the new additions were all beautiful!  Especially this!

Had to get Debs picture in there too, of course!  The star of the show!
Then visiting Missy's Gnome hospital.  One of the gnome needed a new home!  Missy's, rehabilitated gnome came home with me!  Now he's got a job, being the foreman of the fairy garden project!  Once the constitution is activated, all will be up and running like normal, once again!  

Obama once said, the Constitution was flawed?  Hardly!  He is the commie corrupted one that is f'ed up, and flawed!  He and cronies are about to find that out!  

In God We Trust!   Prayers, do work!  

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Lose our Democracy

Shifty Schiff and Omar Will Probably Leave The Country Next

Maybe they have already.

Anyway Gods gifts are great!

Italian Lavender is blooming!  Love the Sea Grape Leaves.

The hummingbird flower is starting to open up and flutter!

Many things are about to flutter.  I got my news now to enjoy the day!  It's all in the garden!

Brunson Brothers AMC Performance

I'm keeping up the prayers for you to succeed in the case!  Trumpets give me a heads up!  Time for evil to step down!  Amen!

Yup! LINK  Using it now.  Let's hope it comes soon!

Monday, November 28, 2022

Gardening Thread!

Yes, I do my own thing because the world has gone coo-coo!  

I took more pictures yesterday.  Bees bomb brings in lots of bees and butterflies.  My olive trees are blooming!  They bloom in spring to summer and late in fall.  They smell divine!  Also the Angel Wing Jasmin!  Butterfly bush going strong!  

All this beauty around me!  It's what keeps me grounded and healthy!

Proof AOC Secretly Loves Elon!

The Reason Why Lame Stream Put's The News Out

It's when they all got caught hiding it!  Look, many of us knew two years ago.  I remember watching it while it was still raw footage.  The crime families have been seen by real reporters.  Many downloaded the footage.  We all know that the FBI turned to the dark side, and that in many states your vote doesn't matter!  Right Washington State?  

They are trying it now with Arizona because, Obama said if you get Arizona you get the win.  Naturally the votes came in by the Penske truck loads.  That was all caught on video too.  Keep up with the name calling!  By now we have broad shoulders along with the truth!  Good luck with that commies!

What a beautiful day!

My hubby caught this guy on a leaf!  We will be having lot's of monarchs!

Yesterday I took this picture of a flower on my hummingbird tree.  It looks like a shape of the hummingbird resting.  When it blooms it looks like it's fluttering.  The flower is edible.  Tastes like lettuce!  

I'm enjoying my passion fruit too!  As the old news rolls in.  I will be happy to see some justice.  Oh and like anyone sane will be trusting the CDC ever again?  I never did!